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Director Nathaniel Kahn on his father Louis, a celebrated architect who died alone and penniless in 1974.


You probably won't have heard of Louis Kahn, nor seen his buildings, yet you'll come to understand his artistic vision and remarkable achievements after viewing this documentary portrait by his illegitimate son, Nathaniel. However, you'll be left as much in the dark as the director about the personality traits that inspired the loyalty of three strong, intelligent women towards this self-centred, physically-resistible enigma.

Nathaniel coaxes some revealing insights from both his mother, the landscape architect Harriet Pattison, and Louis' first collaborator and mistress, Anne Tyng. However, it's Nathaniel's relationship with the man who enchanted him during their all-too-rare encounters that forms the film's emotional core, rendering it a very personal monument.

A personal but enlightening documentary monument to a father from his estranged son.