Arbitrage Review

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With his balance sheets resembling a road map to ruin, financial whiz Robert Miller (Gere) turns to 23 year-old Harlemite Jimmy Grant (Parker) to help him out of the hole.


On the eve of his 60th birthday, hedge fund mogul Robert Miller (Richard Gere) tries desperately to conceal accounting irregularities from his company’s buyers, an accidental death from the cops (Tim Roth) and an infidelity from his wife (Susan Sarandon). It’s a classy affair (the film, not the infidelity), and an auspicious debut from writer-director Nicholas Jarecki. It’s also a testament to Gere’s finely-tuned performance that Miller remains sympathetic throughout the unfolding drama, despite the many mistakes he has made and the casual cruelties his God-given sense of entitlement leads him to inflict on the people around him, including those he loves.

Like last year's Margin Call, this is a stonkingly effective thriller that demystifies Wall Street without diminishing its complexity. Good to see Gere back on form, too.