Appointment for Killing Review

Image for Appointment for Killing

Stan, a seemingly peaceful dentist teams up with his mistresses to murder their husbands and claim the insurance money. With very little evidence, police turn to his ex-wife Joyce, to try and trick a confession out of him.


Directed by veteran TV-director William Graham, this is another case of a typical TV movie being passed off as a proper film, with womanising dentist Corben Bernsen (onscreen here with real-life mother Jeanne Cooper) involving his mistresses in murder schemes, and ex-wife Markie Post collaborating with cop Kelsey Grammer (of Frasier fame) to entrap him. Unbelievable characters commit tame murders and have mild affairs, making this seem more like a soap than a thriller. Typical cop line: "If you can't help us, there's a strong possibility your son will be brought up by a multiple murderer."

Characters that lack credibility in a film that should really just stay on TV.