AntiTrust Review

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A young computer wiz lands a job at a software corporation, where he becomes embroiled in a sinister conspiracy.


The basic premise of AntiTrust - young, idealistic man goes up against the might of big business after he realises something fishy is going on - labours under the impression it is being topical just because it's set in the computer industry.

Milo (Phillippe) is head-hunted by multi-millionaire technology mogul Gary Winston (Robbins, doing a perfect impersonation of Bill Gates), and soon begins to question his boss - who always seems to be able to magically solve a programming problem, just as a genius young programmer somewhere else in the world mysteriously dies.

It all falls under the heading "daft but fun", as Phillippe runs around not knowing who to trust while trying to look stealthy, and Robbins chews up the scenery, switching from ruthless to downright bonkers in minutes.

A Wargames for the 21st century; just as silly, just as guiltily enjoyable.