Exclusive: Three New Ant-Man Stills

Paul Rudd, in his Ant-Man shrinking-and-embiggening suit, is the star of the new issue of Empire, on shelves on Thursday, May 28. To whet your appetites for Marvel's upcoming miniature man of action, here are three new stills from the film (from the magazine), now online for your appreciation and delectation.

Michael Douglas is super scientist Hank Pym, the man who creates the technology that powers the Ant-Man suit, while Evangeline Lilly is Hope Van Dyne, his estranged daughter. Paul Rudd's Scott Lang is the thief who Pym takes under his wing to become the new, modern Ant-Man.

You can also see (under a magnifiying glass) Corey Stoll's Darren Cross in his Yellowjacket suit, the villain of the piece. Cross is the former protege of Pym, and the man who has taken over his business and plans to use the Ant-Man tech for military purposes. The Yellowjacket suit is the super-slick version of the old-school Ant-Man outfit, something you probably worked out from the blasting lasers you saw in the trailer.

Ant-Man is set for a July 17 release, while the new issue of Empire is out this Thursday, May 28.

{Empire Ant-Man covers}