Ano Una (Year of the Nail) Review

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An older woman and a teenager fall in love over the course of a single summer.


Describing this charming Mexican curio by Jonás Cuarón (Alfonso’s son) as a collection of stills arranged into a fictionalised narrative is factually accurate, but will probably give the wrong impression. Unlike La Jetée, its closest cinematic peer, Año Uña is less an aesthetically dramatic work of art and more a touching character-piece with humour and pathos to spare.

The voice performances are impressive, especially the leads, Eireann Harper (Cuarón’s girlfriend) and Diego Cataño (his brother), who play an American college student visiting and the 14 year-old boy who develops a crush on her.

There are moments of self-indulgence but, overall, Cuarón Sr. should be proud.