Animal Attraction Review

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A heartbroken talk-show talent booker becomes a celebrity herself.


Hard on the heels of Bridget Jones's Diary comes an American spin on the theme - although a lacklustre script and thinly-sketched characters suggest it's unlikely this will repeat the former's success. It's a simple enough tale, as broken-hearted Jane (Judd) tries to make sense of her break-up with Ray (Kinnear), using her male chauvinist pig flatmate (Jackman) to form a theory of male sexual behaviour.

There are shades of everything from When Harry Met Sally to Sex And The City, and all three leads work hard with the material. Yet while there are clever moments and some nice observations, they're too few and far between to build up to anything consistently warm or funny, and the screenplay lacks the bite of a Nora Ephron to keep it interesting.

Despite engaging turns from the leads this all feels rather lame.