Angel Review

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Danny is a drifting saxophonist who witnesses the murder of his manager and a dea-mute girl after a concert. Unable to help the police, Danny begins his own inquiry as to why it happened, finding out more than he could have imagined and meanwhile failing in love.


This brilliant portrait of 1980s Northern Ireland, was not only was this the first feature of novelist-turned-director Neil Jordan (Micheal Collins, The Butcher Boy), establishing his lasting partnership with rumpled leading man Stephen Rea, but it was also the first crossover theatrical success from Channel Four's Film On Four programme. Stephen Rea plays an aimless saxophonist in Northern Ireland, who drifts into an obsessive love affair that intertwines with his never-quite-resolved investigation into a double murder after one of his gigs. Interestingly, many of the concerns and quirks of Mona Lisa and The Crying Game are already present in this story.

Drifting from gritty realism into almost abstract magic, this was one of the most striking British firsts of the 80s.