My Angel (Mon Ange) Review

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Prostitute Colette volunteers to take on her colleague's teenage son to satisfy her own broodiness and also lure back her ex, however she finds herself on the run from a pimp and from her burgeoning feelings for the young man.


Considering he made his name as the screenwriter of such memorable films The Girl On The Bridge and Rue Des Plaisirs, it’s surprising that the scenario proves to be the weak link in Serge Frydman’s directorial debut.

The premise itself is clumsily established, as hooker Vanessa Paradis’ ticking biological clock prompts her to respond to a vague acquaintance’s request for her to collect her teenage son from an orphanage. But Frydman thenceforth fails to make much of the brooding Paradis’ relationship with the naive but horny Vincent Rottiers, as they high-tail it across the Low Countries in an effort to shake off the pimp who killed the kid’s mother for secreting stolen cash. While the fugitives circle each other sweetly, the melodramatics become increasingly contrived.

Despite decent performances from the leads, this age-gap road movie struggles to overcome the shortcomings of Serge Frydman's screenplay and the inconsistency of his first-time direction.