Angel Eyes Review

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A haunted stranger falls for the tough Chicago cop who saved his life a year before.


Chicago cop Sharon (Lopez), estranged from most of her family because she once booked her dad as a wife-beater, is saved from an on-the-job death by mysterious wanderer Catch (Caviezel) and drawn into a strange almost-relationship with the man, whom she doesn't realise she's met before at the site of a life-changing road accident.

Opening as if it might develop into a cat-and-mouse psycho-thriller, this turns into a very solemn soap opera in which the protagonists have to confront their demons before they can get together. Lopez makes an Oscar bid by taking a complex role tailored to her abilities, but the film as a whole is so badly fumbled that her hopes of securing a statuette are severely compromised.

Call an ambulance. This mess is in need of a bodybag.