Angel Review

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Ambitious writer Angel (Romola Garai) hits the big time and proceeds to fulfill her dreams by any means necessary.


French director François Ozon is on risky territory with this English-language adaptation of Elizabeth Taylor’s novel. Some lavish Edwardian melodrama sees ambitious writer Angel (Romola Garai) flog her work to publisher Théo (Sam Neill), hit the big time and proceed to fulfill her dreams by any means necessary. There’s humour in the psychology of this deluded woman who feigns interest in frightful paintings in order to get her man (Fassbender). But when the novelty fades, the movie has nowhere to go but further over the top. Garai is great, but Ozon is about as adept at directing Brits as Woody Allen. Mind you, the set and costumes are glorious: this is one expensive folly.

This is one expensive folly.