Down Among The Z Men Review

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A mad professor mistakenly leaves his top-secret formula in a shop. It is found by a young man who tries to retrieve it, but who is enlisted in the "Z Men" before he can do so. Then international spies infiltrate the Z Men in search of the precious formula.


In 2052, Ali G Indahouse will be as baffling as this 50-year-old curio, a spin-off from BBC Radio's Goon Show.

You'd have to be a social historian to understand the array of topical references about National Service which clutter a vestigial plot about spies after the 'bicarbonate bomb'.

Spike Milligan's gormless Eccles has the best scene (instructing a dance troupe in keep-fit exercises) and Peter Sellers' Major Bloodnok starts a promising routine before he is rudely interrupted by the story...

A series of comedy sketches padded out with the odd song 'n' dance number does not a film make. This gives little idea of the extent of the Goons' talent.