Amazon Women on the Moon Review

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A collection of comedy vignettes which parody the likes of kitsch 50s sci-fi and Saturday Night Live


A sketch-format picture, which packs in lots of star names and cheap laughs.

The title skit is a spoof of 50s outer space movies that goes on rather too long, but among the other goodies are Ed Begley Jr. as The Son Of The Invisible Man, Rosanna Arquette checking out date Steve Guttenberg's computer rating, a horde of cutlass-waving video pirates stealing a treasure trove of cassettes from a galleon, a show-biz funeral at which the deceased is humiliated by comedians, a documentary that suggests the Loch Ness Monster was Jack the Ripper, Carrie Fisher in a sexual hygiene film, Michelle Pfeiffer having a baby, and a plea for tragically deprived blacks born without soul and thus forced to enjoy Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree instead of blues.

Scrappy, but an ideal late-night six-pack movie.

A fun night in with the tellybox, but then it never claimed to be anything more.