Alps Review

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A group of four people, including disillusioned nurse Aggeliki Papoulia, offer their services as surrogates for grieving relatives.


Godfather of the Greek Weird Wave Yorgos Lanthimos follows up the Oscar-nominated Dogtooth with an absurdist tale of emotional misfits glazed with bleak, black laughs. Aggeliki Papoulia is a jaded A&E nurse who, along with a paramedic, gymnast and coach, targets families of the recently deceased and offers to double as the dead like ghosts for hire. Set at a frigid distance by Lanthimos’ strict, static compositions, a parable of emotional numbness emerges, cuddly as an iceberg, with cryptic hidden depths. It’s mordantly funny, too — the game of death-bed tennis is absolutely priceless.

Writer-director Lanthimos delivers another heady dose of weirdness. Loopier than a frog sandwich but rather wonderful.

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