Alpha and Omega Review

Image for Alpha and Omega

Two wolves, the alpha Kate (Panettiere) and layabout Humphrey (Long) are captured by rangers and sent to Idaho. The two old friends must overcome their squabbling to find their way home.


Fifteen years after Toy Story, computer animation arguably reaches its omega with this derivative tale of two wolves kept apart by their respective packs’ rigid class system. Justin Long is a likable presence (he has previously voiced Alvin the chipmunk), but he and the rest of the cast are at the mercy of low-grade animation, helpfully blurred for its faux-3D incarnation, and a hopeless script — the posters’ taglines (“Pack man”, with a picture of a wolf, and “He’ll quack you up”, with a puzzled duck) are emblematic of the weakness of the writing. Very young children may forgive the flaws and enjoy the adventure, but frankly they’d be better off renting Balto. A howling disappointment.

A poorly written and disappointingly animated adventure that may keep the wee'uns happy for a while but will leave the adults snoozing.