Aliens Of The Deep Review

Image for Aliens Of The Deep

James Cameron teams up with NASA to explore the Mid-Ocean Ridge - a huge underwater mountain range that is home to all manner of previously undiscovered marine life.


James Cameron continues his obsession with exploration in this 48-minute, 3-D documentary in which he and an army of NASA bods and marine biologists head to the ocean floor with the hope of finding new creatures flourishing away from the sun’s light — so if this can happen on Earth, why not, say, Jupiter?

You’ll see more informative docs on the Discovery Channel, but Cameron’s always been better at showing than telling, and as a visual experience this is astonishingly poetic, from the shots of beguiling, beautiful creatures to the flights of CG fancy that take us to the oceans below the frozen surface of Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

The final shot, in particular, is awesome, and confirms that the sooner Cameron gets back to making proper movies, instead of Boys’ Own diversions, the better.