Aliens In The Attic Review

Image for Aliens In The Attic

A bunch of kids find aliens in the attic of their holiday home and it's down to them to save the human race from the little critters.


No prizes for guessing the set-up of this mid-summer tot-fodder, mixing Home Alone, E. T. and TV-sized Disney. No sooner have the Pearson family checked into their holiday home than aliens have landed in the attic, and it’s up to the kids to save the world from invasion.

The cast are peppy enough: Carter Jenkins as brainiac Tom, Ashley Tisdale as his hormonal sister, Ashley Boettcher as the cute little cousin… But the ugly CG aliens are neither appealing nor threatening, and the chase sequences devoid of suspense. One or two laughs lift this out of one-star territory — Ricky (Robert Hoffman) falls under the spell of the aliens to occasionally amusing effect.

Occasionally funny, but not quite enough charm or invention to make this a kids' classic.