Alibi Review

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Laid up after an accident on the slopes, ski champ Marti Gerrard receives a wrong-number phone call from software tycoon Connor Hill. The two hit it off and become regular phone friends...until Hill's wife is murdered and Gerrard realises that she may be his only alibi.


This is an utterly worthless TV movie passed off as a 12 certificate erotic thriller. Skier Tori Spelling gets into a phone relationship with a computer tycoon who needs to use a tape recording of one of their chats as an alibi when his wife is murdered.

This never gets off the ground with poor acting and dreadful script, and Spelling is her usual tacky self still pursuing the Hollywood movie career that'll never be more than a frat-house joke.

Drekky soap opera, with dumb courtroom scenes, no excitement, no character to speak of and frequent fades in and out where the commercials were supposed to go.

Truly terrifying how this got released.