Alexander's Rag Time Band Review

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In this typical 1930's musical, a classical band are only mildly successful but one night when a sassy singer joins them and persuades them to try swing


A sparkly confection consisting of one-part clichés to two-parts great Irving Berlin songs. Traipsing through musical styles from 1915 to 1938, the storyline follows apple-cheeked, honey-voiced singer Faye's devotion to handsomely egotistical bandleader Power, while cheerfully moustached Ameche sighs on the sidelines as Faye's Number Two Guy. Who will she choose? Can she bring the band success?

In addition you get Ethel Merman belting at the top of her lungs and a score that features such evergreens as Blue Skies, Everybody's Doing It and Easter Parade. Dated but still enjoyable with the memorable songs making up for the somewhat predictable but romantic story.

In 1938 this film would have entertained and kept the audience happy with its innocent romance and catchy songs. Now though viewers look for a little bit more to entertain them, with this seeming positively tame. But the songs still sound great with Merman's voice still sounding as strong as ever.