Alex Cross Review

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Detroit detective Alex Cross (Perry) is called into action when a hitman (Fox) starts knocking off prominent business people. But as a new target, Jean Reno's mogul, is selected, the copper's resources are stretched to the limit.


Swapping Morgan Freeman for Tyler Perry as the titular ‘tec, this attempt to explore the roots of novelist James Patterson’s popular character falls flat thanks to a tone that never settles.

The story about a lunatic killer targeting our hero is shot with such dreadful ineptitude by Rob Cohen and Perry’s take on Cross is so high-minded and bland that even when he’s faced with real tragedy, it’s unconvincing. Matthew Fox pulls off an impressive physical transformation as weirdo killer Picasso, but squanders any promise with a tic-laden performance. All that works is some early chemistry between Perry, Burns and Nichols, but that is quickly discarded as the plot boils - though it really only ever simmers. A boring, botched reboot that does a potentially compelling character no justice at all.

Different actor, same result for James Patterson's popular policeman: a dud.

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