Airplane! Review

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The pilots have all been poisoned by in-flight catering, the passengers are a screaming mob, only a traumatised WWII fighter pilot with an unusual drinking problem can save them all.


Long ago ex-private investigator Jim Abrahams and childhood friends David and Jerry Zucker scored a suprise box-office hit with this low-budget, MAD magazine-inspired send-up of all those '70's disaster movies. Nobody has since bettered Airplane! in the send-ups and sight gags department - this IS the mother of all spoofs, one of those films that requires repeat viewing, just to catch all the wacky stuff you might have missed first time around.

This film's been crying out for a DVD release; the format is perfectly suited to freeze-framing the action, jumping straight to the best scenes and generally making certain you don't overlook a thing.

Surely, this is essential. Maybe, but don't call me Shirley, etc.