Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London Review

Image for Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

Teen spy Cody Banks returns, this time chasing a rogue CIA agent who has escaped to London.


Since last he thwarted crime, teen secret agent Cody Banks has acquired a deeper voice, a few pimples and shifted his affections from a rising US teen music/movie star to a former music star and actress-in-training.

He's also, for purposes of franchise extension and global appeal, relocated to England to thwart a rogue CIA agent intent on world domination (a phrase that somebody should trademark) and learn how to enjoy being a kid.

So, yes, all the British stereotypes are predictably present - played with invariable pantomimic camp by jobbing Brit actors - but they're par for the course and at least there are no bad teeth gags.

There's virtually nothing here for adults, save a possible anti-Bush undercurrent, but it plays merrily to its child audience with anti-authority destruction, fart gags and Hannah from S Club being cute.