Age Of Dragons Review

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In a mythical land, Ahab (Glover) sets out to find the Great White Dragon, a fire-breathing monster that killed his sister and left him horribly scarred.


The high concept here is Moby Dick with dragons, and Danny Glover as Ahab. In a fantasy era where the vitriol which allows dragons to breathe flame is a saleable commodity, a loon is obsessed with hunting the Great White Dragon that burned his sister and left him with an all-over make-up job. Given a set-up which should guarantee uproarious tosh, this is a bitter disappointment: all the life drains out of the film once Vinnie Jones’ character is gone (!), you get 90 minutes of poorly paraphrased Herman Melville (“Your name is Ishmael?”/“You can call me that”) to a measly four scenes of CGI dragon fighting, Glover is surrounded by uncharismatic lumps and it leads to the flattest ending ever. Where’s Hawk The Slayer now we need him?

Like a harpoon in the side of Herman Melville's great novel, this low budget fantasy yarn is more drag than dragon.