The Adventures Of Pluto Nash Review

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After his nightclub is destroyed, Pluto and entourage travel the length and breadth of the moon to find the culprits, whilst resisting the evil clutches of corrupt casino developers.


A blink-and-you-hopefully-missed-it cinema run was overly generous for this dire wannabe sci-fi comedy adventure.

The year, in case you're the slightest bit interested, is 2087 and, on the moon, nightclub owner Pluto Nash (Eddie Murphy) is resisting crooked casino developers. The story is just plain bald-faced lazy, as is director Ron Underwood's vision of the future, which is about as hi-tech as a Sinclair C5.

All said and done, this is another dud to add to Murphy's already turkey-laden CV. In a galaxy, far, far away - that's where this piece of crap should be jettisoned.

This is another dud to add to Murphyís already turkey-laden CV.