Adrift Review

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When Mathias (Cassel) is caught having a holiday fling by his teenage daughter (Neiva), he has to fight to prevent their relationship - and his family - unraveling.


Vincent Cassel proves his lnguistic versatility in this Portuguese-language drama with a bit of French thrown in. While away with his Brazilian wife and kids, Mathias (Cassel) has an affair, causing his 14 year-old, Filipa (Laura Neiva), to doubt his loyalty. Torn between disgust and fascination, Filipa spies on him and toys with the affections of a boy her own age. It’s a stylish coming-of-age drama exploring the complexities of marriage, fidelity and sexuality through the eyes of a girl only just discovering the power of her exceptional beauty. Using her POV has its disadvantages — until the end, we can only guess the adults’ motivations. But Neiva is a real find, if disconcertingly sexual: it’s a relief to hear the Brazilian age of consent is 14.

Vincent Cassel is in typically commanding form, showing off his surprising mastery of Portuguese, in a thoughtful and beautifully shot movie about love, lust and growing up.