About Adam Review

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Lucy finally thinks she's found her match in enigmatic stranger Adam. Handsome and sensitive, he makes quite an impression. So much so, in fact, that the rest of Lucy's family begin to show a little too much interest in the new man among them.


Mysterious, charming and handsome Adam (Townsend) enters the lives of Dublin's Owen family, when he begins dating unlucky-in-love waitress, Lucy (Hudson). With her won over, he subsequently seduces and screws the rest of the family. Elder sister Alice (Bradley) is in a sexless marriage, bookish Laura (O'Connor) is uptight and repressed, and brother David's virginal girlfriend needs, well, breaking in.

In essence it's a movie based on the quip that all they need is a good shagging, but it's an unusual and morally challenging premise for a feel-good romcom - and although everybody gets what they want in the end, Stembridge's unrealistic and naive view suggests jealousy, paranoia and sibling rivalry don't come into it. Great for raising debate amongst mates, but not an ideal date movie.

Contrary to the title, the film ends up never quite explaining what makes Adam tick. Leaving us in wait for a reveal that never comes, About Adam is an enjoyable but ultimately unsatisfying experience.