Adam Review

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After his father's death Adam, a sufferer of Asperger's finds his new neighbour trying to draw him into a closer relationship with her and with others.


Can a man with Asperger syndrome have a normal relationship? That’s the question this dramedy asks, but none too deeply.

Hugh Dancy adopts an American accent to play Adam, who lives alone after the death of his father. Writer Beth (Rose Byrne) moves into his apartment block, sets her sights on him and light comedy follows as she tries to teach him how to consider other people’s feelings. So in the name of undemanding fun, director Mayer glosses over the darker issues in favour of gentle lesson-learning. It’s amusing, but the best gags are in the trailer. “I’m not Forrest Gump, you know,” quips Adam — as next year’s Oscars will undoubtedly prove.

A very superficial look at what it may be like trying to romance someone on the autistic scale.