Aces: Iron Eagle III Review

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An ex-fighter from WWII, (Gossett Jr.) still clings to the memories by flying a jet at air shows across the country with some of his ex-comrades. But sadly a friend of his is killed and it soon emerges that his commanding officer is running a drug deal. So Gossett Jr. pulls together his old squad and prepare to bring them in.


USA officer Lou Gossett Jr spends his spare time flying a World War II fighter at airshows. So, when a buddy is killed and it turns out that his commanding officer is involved in drug running, he launches his own antique air strike against the cocaine cartel, enlisting the aid of ex-RAF Spitfire chappie Chistopher Cazenove, Japanese Kamikaze man Sonny Chiba and Messerschmitt 109 driver Horst Bucholtz — who are supposed to be WWII air aces even though they’re all 20 years too young.

Much better than the first two movies in the series, this keeps tongue firmly in cheek with plenty of ridiculous action sequences, some ropey special effects and a final idiotic air battle with a Nazi war criminal’s squadron of jets. Good hokey fun.

With such a ridiculous premise it's good to see that the writers know when to have a laugh at the film's expense. Gossett Jr. and co. look far too young to have fought in the war, but that's just one of the many faults forgiven in an amusingly silly film that entertains but you could watch only the once.