It Was An Accident Review

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An ex-con (Ejiofor), attempts some kind of reform, but soon finds himself in deep water with - you guessed it - some local gangsters (Beesley and Solanki).


This latest delve into the UK underworld is blighted by too much plot and a slightly 'amateur night' feel. Things start well enough as newly released con Nicky Burkitt (Ejiofor) attempts to re-establish his life on the outside - hooking up with Noreen (Newton) and attempting petty pub machine scams - but the plot goes completely haywire as Burkitt is forced to face off against local gangsters, the psychotic Mickey (Beesley) and crime boss Rameez (Solanki).

Marred by some truly poor performances and too many elements in the mix, there is no sense of menace or dramatic urgency: Beesley's gangster is a poorly drawn caricature, spouting the most ridiculous faux cockney patois. The only saving grace is Ejiotor, who carries off Nicky's arcs from geniality and anger with consummate ease.

The British ganster flick is not one that has much room for a miss, which is by and large what this is.