Absolutely Anything Review

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Neil (Pegg), a schoolteacher-cum-aspiring author, is given godlike powers by an alien race trying to decide whether mankind should be obliterated.


A Budgens Bruce Almighty, Terry Jones’ first film as a director in over a decade assembles an Avengers of comedic talent – Simon Pegg, Robin Williams in his last role, Rob Riggle, Eddie Izzard, and the surviving Pythons, to name but nine – stands back and... does pretty much absolutely anything except make you laugh. The tale of a schoolteacher (Pegg) who is imbued with omnipotence, it’s a sadly confused and cheap muddle that, despite the valiant efforts of the ever-ebullient Pegg and some nice voice work from the ex-Pythons as all-powerful aliens with names like Sharon and Janet, barely raises a chuckle. The tone is also confused – its amiable slapstick, relentless mugging and Christmas cracker jokes are clearly aimed at kids, so it’s jarring when one scene alone unleashes four F-bombs, scuppering it for the young ‘uns. But hey, at least the dog’s cute.

Sadly, proof that they will make absolutely anything these days.