ABCs Of Death Review

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26 different chapters, 26 different directors, 26 letters standing for all sorts of death. An anothology horror film that's keen you know your basic reading and writing skills.


The sheer diversity on display in this scattershot anthology film is both its strength and its weakness. Twenty-six writer/director teams were each given $5,000 to make a horror short about a given letter of the alphabet, and the results are predictably hit and miss, across a wearying length. Hits are Ben Wheatley (U), Xavier Gens (X), Adam Wingard (Q) and Jake West (S). Most egregious misses are Noboru Iguchi (F) and, disappointingly, Ti West (M). Some entries are violent, some eerie, some surreal, a couple scatological, and more than one is unpleasantly cruel to animals. A for ambition, then, but I for indifferent.

An interesting idea, but with so many cooks involved, the broth isn't quite good enough.