Aaltra Review

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During their latest argument, two thoroughly disagreeable Belgian neighbours cripple themselves under a Finnish made tractor. They set out across Europe for a showdown with the manufacturers - Aaltra, alienating everyone they meet in the process.


Belgian neighbours Benoît Delépine and Gustave Kervern work so hard at ruining each other’s lives that they get into a fight which winds up with both crippled by a dodgy Finnish tractor. Locked together by mutual hatred, the nasty pair trundle across Europe in wheelchairs — rotten to everyone they meet and vaguely proud of it — aiming for Finland and a reckoning with Aaltra, who made the tractor.

Shot in stark black-and-white, with minimal dialogue in several languages, this has the occasional moment of deadly funny miserabilism and pointed guest shots from Jason Flemyng and Aki Kaurismäki, but the disabled thug leads are just too difficult company for an audience.

Still, at least Aaltra is significant for marking its place as the first entry in all future alphabetical film guides.

This is comedy of the 'none more black' variety - possibly too black to maintain interest.