3 Days To Kill Review

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A former CIA hitman with terminal cancer (Costner) is talked back into wet work in exchange for an experimental drug that could save his life, and reunite him with his family.


Kevin Costner makes a bid for Liam Neeson’s misanthropic action star status, armed with a Luc Besson script, a curmudgeonly attitude, mad CIA skills and an estranged daughter. With Costner’s dying ex-CIA assassin forced to keep his heart rate low, it sometimes feels like Crank in reverse – i.e. painfully slow. Director McG seems unsure whether to play the father/daughter relationship for laughs, and True Grit’s Steinfeld is wasted in a boilerplate ‘troubled teen’ role. Costner, however, is convincing – not so much ‘too old for this shit’ as too good – although the scene where his grizzled hitman teaches his daughter to ride a bike is more excruciating than anything in the Hostel films.

Costner does his best with yet another bashed-out Besson script with a direct-to-video plot, but Neeson’s shoes prove surprisingly hard to fill. Got 2 hours to kill? Spend them elsewhere.