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    Star Chloe Moretz on the remake of a vampire classic

    Chloe Moretz

    How do you go about building a character when you don't have as much life experience to draw on?
    My brother Trevor - he's my acting-coach-slash-brother - round of applause for him! -is a big help, but I do get what you're saying. I am only 13 and in my mind I've been through a lot but in the greater scheme of things it's not long. I have four brother and they're older so I can always draw on that.

    Who'd win in a fight between Adam West and Nic Cage?
    Who'd win in a fight? Oh, geez. Nic! Adam! No, it'd be a tie.

    What was it like working with Martin Scorsese?
    Incredible. The set for Hugo Cabret is gigantic - it's a full train station - and I'm working with Ben Kingsley - Sir Ben Kingsley - and Sir Christopher Lee and Sacha Baron-Cohen - Sir Sacha Baron-Cohen. Lord, really. It's fantastic getting to do the things I'm doing as a 13 going-on-14 years old.

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