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The cinema and goody bags, waiting for their owners
Readers beginning to arrive, and our beautifully designed banners
T-minus 5 minutes
Empire's own Chris Hewitt playing host for the weekend
Twilight's Jamie Campbell-Bower, discussing who'd win in a Bower / Pattinson hair-off
Harry Brown director Daniel Barber (left) and actor Sean Harris (right) after presenting some tough but brilliant footage from the film
Terry Gilliam introducing scenes from The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. Or explaining how tall Verne Troyer really is, we're not sure
Jason Flemyng, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and editor Jon Harris discussing Kick-Ass, after footage from the film kicked everybody's ass.
Robert Downey Jr and Guy Ritchie present footage from Sherlock Holmes. The entire cinema finds their crush / man-crush on Downey getting worse
See? Not lookalikes! Yer ACTUAL Robert Downey Jr. and Guy Ritchie
Downey Jr., back for more the next morning, signing copies of the latest Empire and its Sherlock Holmes cover
Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel president Simon Phillips presenting footage from, gee, we can't remember the name of the film...
Ian Freer handing out spot prizes - in this case, a Bolt poster signed by John Lasseter!
Olly handing out more spot prizes, and Sam Toy in the foreground taping the event for posterity
Kim Newman presenting his basterd-hard Movie Quiz. See if you can guess this one!
Director Kathryn Bigelow, screenwriter Mark Boal and our Damon Wise discussing The Hurt Locker.
Ian Freer discussing upcoming Brit comedy/drama/indie Bunny and the Bull, with director Paul King and star Simon Farnaby
Exam director and long-time Empire reader Stuart Hazeldine discussing his debut film as a director (he's a screenwriter by trade) with Empire's Nev Pierce
Chris demonstrates how to use the BFI's high-tech 3D glasses. You put them on your face, it turns out.
And everyone follows his lead. Spot the film star in the audience!
Fox's Cameron Saunders, trying to explain the plot of Avatar in under one paragraph. It's a tough job!
Funny people Chris Hewitt and Jonah Hill introduce the screening of Funny People later in the evening

Movie-Con 2009 Gallery

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