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This month’s big bumper movie news section features Jack Whitehall, comedian-turned-TV-star-turned-film-actor in the Inbetweeners' inspired Bad Education, actor-turned-Empire-hero Jason Flemyng sharing his knowledge of diary prices and revealing important details about his levels of buttock fur, and the good people of Creed talking us through their tough take on the Rockyverse. If it’s new in movies, it’s in Premiere. Impressive, right? We just made that up, too.

This month's Face has emerged from Marvelverse to seize leading lady status, a move that was in no way harmed by her headline role at this year's Comic-Con. Championing Agent Carter and moonlighting on the Women Who Kick Ass panel, the Brit further enshrined her heroic status among fanboys and girls everywhere with her charm, wit and smarts. All three were in evidence when Empire tracked here down to quiz her about her surprise breakout as Marvel ass-kicker Peggy Carter. We asked her to cast her mind back to the place where it all started: her tummy-upsetting audition.

If 007 is too high-tempo for your tastes, there's an espionage movie of a different kind coming at the end of the year. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are back in cahoots for the fourth time in a spy thriller set in the era of Gary Powers, U2 (not that one) and the frostiest of Cold War conditions. To add extra pedigree to a project that’s hardly short of it, the Coen brothers helped shaped its screenplay. Empire debuts a new Bridge Of Spies still showcasing its two protagonists: Hanks' attorney, James D. Donovan, and captured Soviet spook Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance).

This month's big bumper movie news section features Jack Whitehall, comedian-turned-TV-star-turned-film-actor in the Inbetweeners' inspired Bad Education, actor-turned-Empire-hero Jason Flemyng sharing his knowledge of diary prices and revealing important details about his levels of buttock fur, and the good people of Creed talking us through their tough take on the Rockyverse. If it's new in movies, it's in Premiere. Impressive, right? We just made that up, too.

From The Silence Of The Lambs to the upcoming Ricki And The Flash, Jonathan Demme has proved himself to be one of Hollywood's most daring and indefinable directors. He's made seminal music docs like Stop Making Sense and agit-cam domestic dramas such as Rachel Getting Married. His films, as Philadelphia amply demonstrates, come rich in back story and movie lore. Empire poured a nice glass of chianti and asked the New Yorker to talk through the genre-bending hits that have lit up his 40-year career.

This year's San Diego spectacular saw a surprise Star Wars concert, a debut from Bill Murray, Deadpool practically tearing down Hall H, a proper looksee at Duncan Jones's Warcraft, Bruce and Sam reunited for Ash Vs Evil Dead, enough cosplay fun to fill an entire fantastical realm, Jennifer Lawrence having a whale of a time, virtually every X-Man ever in attendance, epic selfies, The Hateful Eight and a whole lot of zombies. Empire was there to witness it all and reports back on all the highlights in a Comic-Con roundup replete in cool photos and interesting words.

Stealing a march on our Everest review (coming next month, fact fans), Tom Cruise is taking the Mission: Impossible franchise to rarified new heights in Rogue Nation. About 12,000 feet, to be precise, clinging to the side of a cargo plane. But Hunt stunts aside, has Chris McQuarrie's M:I sequel nailed the job? This month's reviews section has the answer. Empire also gives its verdict to Masterminds, Ed Helms' Vacation reboot, Cara Delevingne's Paper Towns, Al Pacino's Manglehorn and Amy Schumer's breakout comedy Trainwreck.

Famous as a standup, the star of Comedy Central's hilarious Inside Amy Schumer and recently for upsetting Lucasfilm by getting saucy with Threepio in a recent magazine cover, Amy Schumer graduates to the big screen with a lead role in Judd Apatow's rom-com Trainwreck. Empire marks its upcoming release with a movie star photo shoot worthy of her new-found status. At least, we thought so. "I don’t think anybody knows who the fuck I am!" she laughed.

Man of Steel and Dark Knight come face to face in Zack Snyder's much-heralded superhero mash but who will prevail? Empire flew (in a plane) to meet the filmmaker and get the scoop on how the unofficial keeper of the DC flame came to bring its two greatest heroes together. "Actually, I think the first thing we mentioned was the movie would end with some Kryptonite being delivered to Wayne Manor," he remembers of the film's genesis. "Da-dah! Everyone was like, 'Oh shit!'"

Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, MC Ren and DJ Yella - better known as N.W.A. - stormed to hip-hop superstardom in the '90s. Now, in surrogate form, they're looking to repeat the trick on the big screen in F. Gary Gray's band biopic. Empire's resident hip-hop head headed to the West Coast to find out how the director and cast, not to mention the film's two illustrious producers and, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube, have gone about capturing this unique moment in time on film.

The film most likely to seize the title of This Year’s Indie Breakout, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon's genre-defying movie has already won the hearts of Sundancegoers and ours are next. A big part of its charm comes in a series of mini-movies put together by its heroes, aspiring filmmaker Greg Gaines (Thomas Mann) and his cohort Earl Jackson (RJ Cyler) for the ailing Rachel (Olivia Cooke). "They were a little more popular, like Star Wars," Gomez-Rejon tells Empire, "but I thought it would be more interesting that we start going down this path more like The Criterion Collection." The ex-Scorsese intern talked through nine of his beautiful mini-movies right here.

Prepare your ears to be invaded by the funky/terrifying sounds of 'Yub Nub' as we delve into the weird, wonderful and not a little furry world of Ewok spinoff movies. Beginning Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure in 1984 and leading into Ewoks: The Battle for Endor a year later, this pair of unlikely Star Wars universe expanders that saw the bear-like forest critters facing off against 30-foot Goraxes and reptiloid Sanyassan Marauders. Empire tracked down the cast to get the inside track. Cindel, AKA Aubree Miller takes up the fight. "There are a lot of Ewok haters out there, but we weren’t as bad as Jar Jar!"


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