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Empire Magazine and iPad
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Where can I download the app?
You can download the app from the Apple App Store.

What's in the iPad Edition?
The app includes the full print issues of Empire magazine. Plus, each edition contains some extra photos, videos, and exclusive content.

Does the monthly issue expire?
No. Once you purchase an issue you will have access to it for as long as you keep the app.

Can I buy a subscription?
Yes. You can now purchase a 3 month (£3.99), 6 month (£17.49) or 12 month (£29.99) subscription.

Is the Empire Magazine app available for the iPhone or iPod touch?
No, the app is only currently available on iPad.

When will I be able to buy a bundled print/iPad edition?
Sometime in the next few months. We're working on it but it's taking a while.

Will I get the iPad edition free if I have a print subscription?
For a limited time, probably. After that you'll need to sign up for a bundle subscription that will be slightly more.

It's a tax thing. Mags are exempt from VAT and digital editions are not and bundling the latter for free affects the tax status of the former.

Why is the iPad edition not cheaper than print when it costs you nothing to produce?
It's actually more expensive to produce as Apple take 30% commission and then we pay 20% VAT (which we don't on print). Thus even at the same price we make less off the iPad edition.

My issue won't download!
If it won't start at all then it may be a server issue at Adobe. Give it a few hours and try again. If it keeps happening and is quitting mid download then you may need to delete the app and reinstall, that usually fixes any download edition as it removes the corrupted part of the file that's causing the issue.

I've been charged too much/twice/not enough!!!
Anything to do with charging needs to be taken up with Apple as we don't have any control over it.

Can I give someone an iPad edition as a gift?
Unfortunately not. Currently Apple offer no way to gift in-app purchases.

What's with the US edition?
The UK edition is available in every country except the US and Canada, where a US specific edition is more geared towards US release dates.

My issue no longer rotates!
We've gone single orientation, which means you can now only read it vertically. You can still rotate trailers and other video though. Mainly as it reduces the file size.

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  • For any more questions or comments about the iPad edition, feel free to email with the subject 'iPad' or post your comment on the iPad Forum thread.

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