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Dwayne Johnson Talks Fast & Furious 6
'I wanted to come in and frankly dominate the movie.'

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Part nemesis and part friend, Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs has become the Fast & Furious crew's worst nightmare and best chance of survival, all contained behind one XXXL law enforcer's uniform. Empire caught up with the franchise's ultimate friemesis to discover the Rock guide to dominating the movie, inquire about the exact nature of thunderwear and find out what those "damn veggies" were all about.

Dwayne Johnson Talks Fast & Furious 6

What's Hobbs' role in this one?
Basically, there's a new set of bad guys, which brings on a new set of issues. And they are causing a whole new lot of havoc. There is a great emotional thread which is connecting all the dots, which Hobbs is able to figure out. He goes to Dom and his crew. It was important to keep the same antagonistic energy. In that energy comes the spirit of: "I have a job. You have no choice but to take it. And here's why."

What about the relationship between Luke and Dom?
There's still friction between me and Vin. There's a certain code that Hobbs lives by, and at the end of the day you broke the law and I'm still going to take your ass in, but before that happens I've got another job to do, and you're going to help me.

What was your favourite line from Fast Five?
I loved the line, "Give me the damn veggies." (Laughs) It's so much fun, by the way. There's a real challenge when you're trying to create a new character, in a franchise that's been so successful over the years. But we had a lot of fun creating Hobbs. A ton of fun.

Can we expect more iconic lines in this one?
There's a certain code that Hobbs lives by. At the end of the day I'm going to take your ass in.
That's the key. He's an old cowboy in today's world. So yes. There's a lot of collaboration that goes on between myself and Justin and the writers. I think as long as you stay within the spirit of the character, you can play and have fun. That was one of the fun parts about Hobbs: there's a lot of latitude and leeway, in terms of getting some fun fucking lines! You're creating these fun fucking lines. (Laughs)

Could you explain "Thunderwear"?
That's a military term. My cousin Ben (points), who's right there in the green jacket, is a 14-year Navy Seal vet. Purple Heart recipient. He came up with that line.

Did you put on even more muscle this time around?
Fast Five I had put on a good amount of weight. Muscle - not an ice-cream and cookies diet! So the goal for this one was to come in in great shape. I wanted to come in and frankly dominate the movie. That's my aim.

How was it working with Gina Carano?
What Gina brings is a great combination of beauty and brains and legitimacy in terms of action. She puts boots to asses, so to speak. You know that she can and has legitimately done it, in a very real way. So there's a great validity with her. She's great. Passionate about it. She has fun. And there's nothing like a badass hot chick who kicks ass. (Laughs) We've had fun.

How big is the action this time?
The action scenes are going to be massive. And, you know, the goal is to best what you did last. Especially when it comes to a franchise. In this case, Justin's vision of the movie is very smart. In the last one, we had what seemed like an hour and a half of pulling two-tonne safes. What's the next step? Well, it's not just a bigger safe!

Interview by Nick de Semlyen

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