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Empire Meets The Cast Of American Pie: Reunion
Jason Biggs, Jennifer Coolidge and co talk turkey
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American Pie: Reunion - The Webchat
Eugene Levy, Jason Biggs, Jennifer Coolidge, Mena Suvari, Eddie Kaye Thomas & Thomas Ian Nicholas

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It was, perhaps, our biggest webchat ever. Six members of the American Pie: Reunion cast descended on the Empire office to discuss their latest film, and proceeded to take the mickey out of each other, discuss the appeal of '70s porn and generally behave just as one might have hoped after seeing them onscreen. Here, for your amusement, are Eugene Levy, Jason Biggs, Jennifer Coolidge, Mena Suvari, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Thomas Ian Nicholas's answers. And if you're wondering whether they're joking at any point, the answer's yes, they almost certainly are.

American Pie: Reunion - The Webchat
The American Pie: Reunion team with Empire's Helen O'Hara and Phil de Semlyen (centre)

aotearoa says: I'd like to ask everyone whether they have a favourite unscripted comedic moment from the series, and if it made it into the final cut?
Thomas: My favourite moment is in American Pie Reunion is when Stifler sticks his fingers in Kevin's mouth because it wasn't quite scripted that way, it was just a bit that Seann and I did to make the crew laugh.

Eddie: Because I watch myself on the internet all day, today I was watching the pact scene, and I saw me giggling at you (Jason) right there in the movie. You're saying something not even that funny, and I'm laughing behind my glass. So my answer would be every moment that I break out laughing in American Pie - which is a drinking game, by the way: every time that Eddie Kaye Thomas corpses, you drink.

Thomas: There's another drinking game, actually. Just take a shot every time you hear Kevin's name - it's said more than anyone else's. If you can make it half way through the film you're my hero!

Eddie and Jason: Shut up, Thomas!

Jason: Eddie wants me to answer that one of his improvs is my favourite, which I will because he has very low self-esteem and needs lots of love and attention. So in the first American Pie during the internet scene when we're watching Nadia strip-tease back in my house and I'm with them, and Eddie improvs this line, and says, "Get out of here!" and we laugh about it. That won't translate written down, but it was very funny.

Eugene: There were moments at the party in the new one, between Jennifer and I, that I remember being very funny. I can't remember a specific line, but I do remember thinking, "Boy, this is really funny." None of them made the cut.

Jennifer: I was getting very sick between takes on no 2, during the scene when I was in the car smoking endless cigarettes. Between doing dialogue with Eddy, I would throw up in the bushes, go back and do it again. I smoked something like 20 cigarettes in a row. For the new one they said I couldn't smoke. I can smoke pot but not cigarettes, according to certain studio executives.

ScottParky says: Hi all, was this ever not going to happen? Were there any stumbling blocks in getting everyone together?
Eddie: Not even for a second.

Jason: Eddie was the easiest to get signed on. That's a joke.

Thomas: I think the toughest part was coordinating everyone's busy schedule.

DPMCG says: Big pie fan! I'd like to know which Christopher Guest stalwart is more intimidating to share the screen with: Eugene Levy, or Jennifer Coolidge?
Eddie: It's an honour and a terror to be with either.

Nemesiz says: If there was one movie tie in product you would launch for American Pie what would it be? Although I would think twice about ordering a pint of Stifler's Pale Ale!
Jason: That's a good idea. Also maybe Jim's Apple Strudel.

Eddie: Jim's gimp suit? Isn't that what you're wearing in this one?

Thomas: I would say, it wasn't Stifler's Pale Ale, it was Kevin's.

Eddie: Lubed flutes.

Jason: There's a market for those.

Jennifer: I want to go to Japan and do one of those huge whisky commercials. I want to repeat that. I want to go to Japan and do one of those huge whisky commercials. Hello, Japan!

American Pie: Reunion - The Webchat
Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge

LinzyLennon says: Hey, what do you guys think of the American Pie spin-offs like Band Camp, Naked Mile etc?
Eddie: We got to watch them when we were shooting American Reunion, and there was some funny stuff in them. Especially Eugene Levy!

Eugene: I'm in them but I've never seen them.

Jennifer: I haven't seen them either. I also think that Eugene's answer is hilarious.

666man says: Hi guys, good to see you all back together again! Iain Morris and Damon Beesley have named the character developments in American Pie as a major influence on The Inbetweeners, but how do you feel about how the original series being an influence on today's teen comedies?
Thomas: I think that a lot of comedies have tried to emulate the original American Pie film but they always miss the mark on not having the same heart.

Jason: There are similarities. I feel great, I feel like we have influenced a lot of these new movies, but we were influenced by a lot of movies in the past. I know our writer Adam Herz, the original creator of the series, he grew up on the Porky's movies. I remember him saying that there hadn't been something like that for our generation. So it's kind of flattering. I do feel we've kind of influenced some of these current projects.

darfdork says: Was there any storyline cut from the films you were sad to see go?
Thomas: There was a scene with Tara and I in the newest film (that you haven't seen yet!) where I my character gets drunk and falls in the water, but we never shot it! And that was very sad because it might've been funny but you'll never know, will you?

PJPie says: Are you guys close off camera, do you get a chance to meet up and catch up over the years?
Jennifer: Eugene and I run into each other quite a bit, maybe because of the Christopher Guest thing. Often at parties. Though Eugene is at the upper echelon of parties. He lives in the Palisades and hangs out with Tom Cruise.

Eugene: Hello! That is SUCH bullshit. Though I actually did meet Tom Cruise, at a show, and he couldn't be nicer. He gave me a big hug. And I was kind of scared...

Jennifer: ...of the Scientology?

Eugene: *takes a sip of water*

Mena: Some of us have worked together with one another on other projects or kept in touch over the years. Hollywood can be a small town!

Eddie: Not so much, PJPie.

Jason: Eddie was in my wedding but he wore the wrong suit.

Eddie: I'm joking; we are friends.

Pieflavour says: How proud are you all that MILF has entered the public consciousness?
Eddie: It is a false assumption that American Pie invented MILF...

Jason: We popularised it though.

Eddie: I'm getting there! It was in the zeitgeist before the movie, but I am proud to have brought to light what was on everybody's mind but people were afraid to say.

Thomas: What do you mean we didn't invent the term MILF?!

American Pie: Reunion - The Webchat
Thomas Ian Nicholas and Mena Suvari

thegrumble says: What's everyone's favourite sandwich?
Mena: Turkey.

Eddie: Corned beef, Russian dressing, coleslaw. On rye. Preferably from Katz' Delicatessen.

Thomas: A Rueben, and if you know what that is, you're cool.

Jason: Eddie introduced me to Katz'; I'm a pastrami guy though. I like a nice fresh meatball sandwich on toasted Italian bread.

Eugene: My favourite sandwich is egg salad. On egg bread.

Jennifer: Peanut butter and jelly. That's hard to beat.

Boz says: Hey guys (and girls). Which of you is most like your characters? Which of you is definitely not like your characters?
Eddie: Apparently I am most like my character, that's what everyone says.

Jason: Seann is nothing like his character. Yeah, mature, with worldly interests...

Eddie: Mena's exactly like Heather.

Mena: Seann is the most opposite, he's a sweetheart in real life. Chris is the most like his character.

Batman says: Where is Seann today?
Eddie: I just asked that question myself - where is Seann today?

Jason: Seann didn't want to be here for his fans. Seann doesn't appreciate his fans.

aotearoa says: From one movie phenomenon to another... I have to ask, who is your favourite Avenger? I can imagine Jason in the Captain America garb!
Mena: Black Widow.

Jason: Cobie Smulders is in the Avengers, so whatever character she is, because she's cute.

Eddie: Hulk, maybe.

Thomas: Iron Man.

MartynJ says: Has there been any talk of another film after Reunion?
Eddie: From the fans there has.

Jason: And they ultimately dictate it, so if they want it, there might be more.

Thomas: Anything is possible in regard to more Pie, but for now this is the last slice.

darko18 says: What do you guys think of sex in cinema today? Does it go too far? American Pie was a little near the knuckle upon its release but could be seen as quite tame by today's standards.
Jennifer: I've never been disappointed by too much sex in cinema.

Eddie: I miss the '70s when I wasn't alive and there was actual porno in the movie theatre. Now you have to watch it on the internet.

Jason: Like Boogie Nights; it was quite cool when they shot it on film...

Eddie: And you had to masturbate in public.

Mena: Yeah, that's why Universal had to turn it up a notch and Jason had to show his penis.

Jennifer: I've no problem with sex in cinema. Sometimes I get tired of some unflattering naked person, but as long as they're having sex it's somehow acceptable. When it's just nakedness and they're out of shape, I get turned off.

Eugene: I'll agree. I think there is something about the human body that dictates whether or not you should wear clothes. I would never in a million years do a nude scene. The guy who goes naked in Borat runs a sandwich shop in Hollywood. But I would never buy one.

Jennifer: Yeah, because he probably uses a lot of meat, and I don't eat meat. I've heard he double-dips the sandwich in grease.

Eugene: I don't care what he dips it in. I just don't want him to sit on it.

fppab says: Were there any characters from older films that you based your own characters in American Pie on?
Jason: Good question, but no. For me, a little bit Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys.

Thomas: No, I think that each character in the American Pie films represents all the different cliques in a high school setting.

Mary V says: Thomas, which artist would you consider your biggest musical influence?
Thomas: Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters.

SnakePlissken says: Will anyone be getting SHERMINATED in the new film?
Jason: YES!!!

Thomas and Mena: Yes!

Eddie: 100% yes.

Jesus says: Did the humour of the films feel immature now you're all 10 years older? Or are you all still just filthbags?
Mena: I'm a total filthbag.

Thomas: I think now that we're older we are much more immature.

Eddie: Are we filthbags? 100% yes. Jason has been mimicking masturbation for the past four minutes.

American Pie: Reunion - The Webchat

AlexWyse says: Favourite films of all time?
Mena: One of my favourite films is Dreams by Akira Kurosawa.

Eddie: Dumb And Dumber. Super Troopers.

Thomas: Jason likes the movie Free Willy.

Jason: And The Karate Kid. Marx Brothers, anything.

Eddie: Day At The Races.

Thomas: My favourite film is The Shawshank Redemption.

Eugene: Godfather 2. I've got a lot of favourites, but if I had to pick one to watch over and over again, it would be that.

Jennifer: Waiting For Guffman. I want to stress that I'm NOT in that movie.

MartynJ says: Do any food goods get sexually assaulted in American Reunion?
Jason: No, but cookware may fall victim to my sexual prowess.

Daniel Shreeve says: How did working on the first three films change your life?
Eddie: A boatload of cash, a little bit of fame and...

Jason: ...a whole lot of pussy?

Eddie: Less than I hoped.

Mena: I wasn't invited to be part of the third film. They completely changed my life!

Thomas: For me, it transitioned my career from being a kid actor into a young adult so I'm very thankful.

Daniel Shreeve says: If you could go back and do anything differently, what would it be?
Mena: No regrets!

Eddie: Get more pussy.

Alapaloza says: Do you guys ever do a 'joke take' and find out that it's in the film?
Jason: Yep!

Thomas: When Stifler sticks his fingers in Kevin's mouth!

Eddie: Oh, the Vespa in American Pie 1. I wasn't able to get the Vespa into first gear, so the directors left me stalling it out in the movie. When Jason, Chris and Thomas laugh, that's a real laugh.

Jennifer: The last film I did, I did a bunch of really stupid things, which were not funny. And I heard they're in the movie anyway. That's the big risk of improv. You say something you're not even proud of, and it ends up in the movie.

jfgindigital3d says: Thomas, it seems in the first movie there is a lot of focus put on Kevin to be the lead in the series but for the sequels the spotlight is moved to Jim, any anger there?
Thomas: I've always hated Jason.

Jason: Shut up, Thomas!

Mena: You suck Jason!

American Pie: Reunion - The Webchat
Jason Biggs and Eddie Kaye Thomas

Marilyn says: Did Seann actually read the Twilight books?
Eddie: If Seann cared about his fans, he'd be here to answer that question.

Mena: Yes, they're his favourite.

Eddie: Mena, are you single?

Mena: Eddie, wouldn't you like to know! Keep freezing your jeans, you freak.

Boz says: If you all retired now, would you be ok with your bio stating American Pie as the most recognised film you've done or would you want other things to be above it?
Jason: I'm never going to have anything above it, I don't think.

Eddie: I agree. Jason will never have anything above it.

Thomas: If I retired now I wouldn't have a choice in the matter!

Mena: I would like to always be remembered for my performance in the Rice-A-Roni commercial.

SeanvLeijenhorst says: I can imagine some of you must've felt the awkwardness of some of the scenes during the shoot. What was the most awkward scene to shoot?
Jason: The pie scene, I guess. If I was nervous about anything, it was that. I remember being nervous about that. I was thinking, are people even going to see this? It wasn't a real pie - did you know that?

Eddie: No, I haven't done press with you for four movies!

Eugene: Awkward? Maybe the last scene in the movie. There's nothing visually explicit about it, but it's an odd situation for two friends to find themselves in. And I wish I could be more specific, but you have to see the movie first.

davet.dude says: Have any of you taken the cinnamon challenge?
Eddie: No, but I'll get Biggs to do it right now. Do you have any cinnamon in the office?

Mena: What's the cinnamon challenge?

Jason: I'll do it!

Eddie: YouTube it, it's hilarious.

GenGen says: Being oh-so relevant, what are your favourite types of pie?
Thomas: Pumpkin.

Jason: Pecan, strawberry, but mostly whichever one I'm alone with.

Mena: Pumpkin's good! I like apple and blueberry.

Jennifer: Hair pie.

American Pie: Reunion - The Webchat

alexmckenzie2012 says: If I went on a first date with somebody and took them to see American Reunion, what would my chances of scoring afterwards be?
Eddie: Why are you asking us?

Jason: Sell some tickets, will ya Eddie? Yes, 100%

Mena: 110%!

Hotblack says: What's the weirdest stuff you did BEFORE the American Pie franchise? Any condom commericals or anything?
Eddie: Any herpes commercials, Jason?

Jason: No, but I'm thinking about signing a deal. I'm in talks right now.

Mena: I was sent a picture from someone on twitter showing a stolen image of mine on a magnum sized condom box in Asia.

Eugene: The weirdest thing I've done? I don't do weird things.

Jennifer: I sat on a Coke bottle on the subway once.

Eugene: And you think that's weird?

Lovespie says: Absolute favorite moment from any of the films?
Eddie: Jason kissing Seann.

Mena: Seeing Jason's penis in American Reunion.

Jason: Right answer, Eddie. Right answer, Mena.

Thomas: The tongue tornado...

BrowncoatByNight says: Have any of you guys ever showed up to random parties Bill Murray-style? I imagine that would be quite an event.
Thomas: I've showed up to random parties impersonating Bill Murray from Caddyshack.

Eddie: I don't think people would let us into their party. They'd be like, who is this weird guy, crashing our party?

Jason: And Eddie'd be like, I'm Eddie Kaye Thomas, I'm here for some pussy!

Eugene: I don't do Bill Murray.

Brighton Benson says: Who is your favourite character in the series that isn't yourself? Or Jim's Dad?
Mena: Stifler!

Thomas: Stifler as well.

Jennifer: Stifler.

Eddie: Good question... MILF guy number two.

Jennifer: Or Jim's dead mother.

Eddie: Or the assistant coach on the lacrosse team. The "Culmination" coach guy.

Eugene: Stifler, or Blowjob Lipski. See the new movie.

cp73 says: Eugene - you used to impersonate Sean Connery on Second City. Any tips for getting the accent right?
Eugene: *says, "Gentlemen, the answer is simple!" in perfect Connery voice* I think the trick is having a lot of saliva in your mouth. I think I was also the only person in the world to do an Ernest Borgnine.

Jennifer: I do a killer Tom Cruise and Alec Baldwin.

fppab says: Jason, are you going to give your penis a break now? It's been attacked and damaged in practically every American Pie.
Jason: Truthfully I wish I could, but now my penis, thanks to its starring role in American Reunion, is very much in demand in Hollywood. P.S. Eddie's gay.

Thomas and Mena: : You're all amazing, thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy the movie!

Jason: Goodbye!

Eddie: BYE EVERYONE!!!!11!!

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