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Jason Flemyng Answers Your Twitter Questions
Azazel faces an Empire twitterrogation

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Any webchat regulars will know that X-Men: First Class's Jason Flemyng was due to be the latest in an illustrious Empire webchatters. Alas, it wasn't to be. Either because Azazel unleashed a bolt of internet-crippling energy, or, more likely, because someone unplugged something important, the relevant part of the site was fried and the chat became a Twitterthon. Luckily, the man no-one calls 'The Flem' is a big old sport and threw himself into the breach manfully, sharing his career memories to date, both good (X-Men: First Class, working with Fincher) and bad (League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Seed Of Chucky). Thanks to all who joined in.

Jason Flemyng Answers Your Twitter Questions

Nadineshambrook: What were your favourite films growing up as a child? #JFQA
Spartacus. I could watch it all day. The Longest Day, before I even understood what shots were or how films were shot, I loved that film. When you look back at it now with an understanding of the filming process, it’s outstanding.

JonasRJakobsen: Loved you in First Class! You had the most interesting fight scenes I must say. Any plans for a sequel that you know of?
I’d love to do a sequel. We shot enough fight sequences to do an Azazel fight movie. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. The film had to take $350 million worldwide to merit a sequel. It took $356 million, so watch this space...

Nadinehamsbrook: What was it like being a 'superhero/mutant' in X-Men? Did you feel pressure becoming a part of a huge franchise?
I didn’t really understand what I was getting into. I’d done a lot of comic book adaptations like LXG and From Hell and Stardust etc. etc. etc. But nothing can prepare you for the fans that love the X-Men films. Having said that, I don’t think Azazel is one of their favourite characters. Hopefully my performance and the new film might change that.

AlexBrown66: were the bust-ups between Sean Connery and the director Stephen Norrington as bad as they've been made out to be?
They were worse. They were worse. You know that feeling when someone in your class is getting told off, and your toes curl in your black Clarks shoes? That’s how it was every day. My favourite bust-up was on the set of Venice. The League had to walk from Captain Nemo’s boat, the Nautilus, down the street, Magnificent Seven-style. At the end of the take, Sean shouted out to Norrington, “What? You want us to do that again?” Norrington replied, “For $18 million, I don’t think it’s too much to ask you to walk down a road.” To which Connery’s reply is unprintable.

Jason Flemyng Answers Your Twitter Questions
Jason Flemyng as Azazel in X-Men: First Class with co-star January Jones

FB_BMB: I saw Jason in a movie called The Riddle, which was released direct to newspaper. Any stories about the movie?
Direct to newspaper? It’s not my worst-case scenario. Have you seen Seed Of Chucky? At least it was a paid-for newspaper. Vinny Jones phoned me up and asked me to do it, and you never say no to Vinny.

AndrewWards: Dam 140 characters. JF what are the different characteristics of Ritchie and Vaughn? Cheers, Big Fan Andy NZ
Ritchie. Talented, fast, exciting, easily bored. Vaughn. Incredibly hard-working, great taste, ego-less.

DVDMike: How was Fincher on set (of Benjamin Button)? is he as precise as they say?
Empire’s own Nev Pierce is an expert on Fincher. Precision on Fincher’s films is required in all departments. Every drawer you open on set, every pocket you go into in your costume, is filled with period items and paraphernalia. I loved every minute, and everything from now on is a bonus.

Carl Denham: Any dream part?
It’s probably Spartacus. I just grew up watching that film, I can’t get enough of it.

Welshevs75: as you’re pals with Jason Statham & narrated Van-Damme - Behind Closed Doors, who'd win in a fight The Stath vs JCVD #JFQA
JCVD and The Stath are working together on Expendables 2. Jason came round for lunch yesterday - we had Jamie Oliver’s meat pie - and left me a call sheet for this week. Stallone. Schwarzenegger. Van Damme. Dolph. Willis. Chuck Norris. Mate, that’s a cast. But The Stath and Van Damme? If the gloves were off, The Stath would take him. Do I call him ‘The Stath’? Not to his face. When he’s in my house, I don’t say, ‘Have you finished your lunch, The Stath?’ or ‘the toilet’s over there, The Stath.’

Philip_Guest: Which of your films do you think is the most underrated ? (I'd vote for Below)
He votes for Below? Which of my films are underrated? Oh, there’s so many! I like From Hell, that’s an interesting film. I think the Hughes Brothers, who made it, are pretty iconic filmmakers. I like some of the early stuff that nobody has ever seen, like Hollow Reed. If you can find it on DVD, please send me one!

Wutheringwombat: While it may not be his best, Peter Stormare and you really chewed up the scenery in Bruiser. How was is working with George Romero?
George is a gent. An amazing man. I’m so proud to be in one of his movies. Just wish it would have been a better one. But as a young actor wanting to tick boxes of who you’ve worked with, that was definitely one I wanted to tick.

Littlestar300: If you could play one other comic-book superhero who would it be and why?
I was an old punk, so I love The Watchmen. That’s what I really wanted to do, because he was an anarchist. I don’t really read comics. Now I’ve just had twins, I’m going to start buying The Beano again. So in answer to your question, Plug from The Bash Street Kids.

Nadinehamsbrook: My Dad introduced me to his 'favourite' films, Lock, Stock, Snatch, etc..what films do you and your parents bond over?
My old man, who’s passed now, directed Dr. Who & The Daleks, the 1966 technicolour movie. So that’s a firm favourite. I can’t wait to show my boys that. Mum’s more The Railway Children and Black Beauty. Can’t wait for Ellie to show the twins that. I’ll be in the other room, on the Xbox.

Jason Flemyng Answers Your Twitter Questions

jadetrtn: Of all your roles thus far, which did you enjoy the most?
Probably Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Mr Hyde, he’s great. He’s great.

CarlDenham: Typical boring question, I know. But what the heck!! Any advice for struggling actors?
Keep away from anyone who tells you it’s not possible. Protect your confidence. It’s 90% of the battle. That doesn’t mean be cocky, it just means believe you can. PS – If you’re young enough, join the National Youth Theatre.

Quentincapp: You’re sporting some awesome sideburns at the moment. Any grooming tips?
How do they know these things? God would never be so cruel to give you ginger hair and not the ability to grow sideburns.

moviemaster1993: Your roles have been some of the best in film today but I was just wondering: would you ever direct?
Dexter Fletcher, my old Lock Stock mucker and best friend, is the director type. I’d love to produce with him. Watch out for Wild Bill, coming soon from Dex.

Jayce von Bee: You shot this film exactly a year ago. What is your favourite memory of the shoot?
Flying home on Matt Vaughn’s private jet. I love Matt for casting me so many times, but I love him more for his private jet.

TEFFH13: which set of make-up/prosthetics for a film have you find the most annoying and also which were the least annoying?
They’re all a nightmare, to be honest. If I just moaned a bit more on League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, they never would keep putting me in these make-ups. But the X-Men: First Class – available from Monday – make-up is definitely the coolest. (Withering look from publicist)

X-Men: First Class is out now on DVD and Blu-ray

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