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Your Highness Interviews
We talk to McBride, Franco, Gordon Green and Theroux
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Danny McBride Webchat Transcript
The Your Highness star on swear words, bacon butties and sword fights

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Danny McBride is a very funny human being. He's also very good at typing. We know both these things because he came into the office and managed to be not only be very funny, but also type very well, right in front of us, on Amar's computer, just like that. While he was here, he talked about all sorts of things, from his latest, Your Highness, to his breakthrough piece, Foot Fist Way. The result is a swearword-filled giggle-fest that should leave you chuckling in your seat, provided you have eyes to read it. And a seat to chuckle in, natch.

Danny McBride Webchat Transcript

Quentin_Cappucino says: Danny, loved you in Foot Fist Way. In real life, what combat move would you use to take an enemy down?
Quentin... I tend to like the Texas twist which is a very basic neck breaker kind of move. You grab both ears and twist clockwise, snapping your enemy's neck. Easy.

Timmy says: You've clearly nailed the comedy field, what are the chances of you taking on serious acting roles?
I usually choose movies that I would want to see. I appreciate drama and if the right script came across my desk, drama you will see.

Ken says: Hi Danny, what can we expect from Fight For Your Right Revisited? The trailer for it looks all kinds of awesome.
Ken, that was the coolest thing I have ever done in my life. Playing a Beastie Boy ranks high in my list of cool shit I have always wanted to do. I feel like I can retire now.

Duncaff says: Was the line "big ass titties!" in Tropic Thunder ad-libbed? It certainly felt like a spur-of-the-moment thing.
Duncaff, yes, big ass titties was ad-libbed. It was a shout out to my mother. That's what I use to call her as a child, you see.

Chris Rooney says: Hey Danny what's your favourite swear word?
Hello Chris Rooney... it's a tie between fucker, cocksucker, and dickhead. All nice words.

Danny McBride Webchat Transcript
George Clooney with (cardboard cut-out) McBride in Up In The Air

Duncaff says: How did it feel to star in the Best Picture-nominated Up in the Air? Do you care about awards and such?
Duncaff... I don't really care about awards. But it is easy to get a woman to sleep with you if you have a nice trophy. But now that I am married no-one will sleep with me. Not even my wife.

Martyc87 says: Hi Danny, I actually served you in a cinema in Belfast while you were filming Your Highness. What was filming in Northern Ireland like?
Martyc87! I remember you! I loved shooting in Belfast. The people were great. The beer and whiskey flows freely in the streets. I want to come back. Can I stay with you?

stefanjanoski says: Who is a better kisser, Natalie or James?
Wow, that's a tough one. Natalie's lips are a bit softer than Franco's. Hmm... let me sleep on it.

danielsan24 says: Danny, The Foot Fist Way is my favourite movie by you (and one of the most underrated comedies of all time in my opinion). Any chance of you reviving the Fred Simmons character in any way?
Danielsan24, thank you. I love that movie. It was made on credit cards and we had to answer to no-one but ourselves. It's the best way to work. Not sure if we would visit again. Eastbound was a way for us to explore that sort of comedy some more. Who knows. Maybe Jody and I will revisit it one day. Will you write it?

ulikunkel says: Hi Danny, I read that Your Highness was an idea you had early on, how did it develop from the initial idea to how it is now on screen? And was ad-libbing a really important aspect of it?
Ulikunkel, hola. The idea started out as a joke. It seemed like a silly idea and yet unlike anything out in theatres. We ad lib a ton in the work we do. It's always important to the comedy and the performances. Get that real shit.

Bananaramagrama says: COOL BEANS!?
Cool beans!

garetha66 says: What advice would you give to someone trying to break into film for the first time?
Gareth, it's a tough world out there brother. Work your way up by starting in porno, working as a fluffer or luber and pray that someone sees your true potential. Work a few gangbang movies and then I imagine things could grow from there. That's how I did it, anyways.

vicky says: Danny, how is working with James Franco? I've read all the stuff about his performance at the Academy Awards Ceremony. What do think about it?
I think Franco was piled on unfairly. He did fine. I felt like he did it like I would do it, thinking the whole time: "What in the hell am I doing here?"

Danny McBride Webchat Transcript
Danny McBride as Kenny Powers in Eastbound & Down

bobbygeorge says: Is the Kenny Powers' mullet real or is there some hair extensions going on?
The curls on the top are all me. I've always had the hair of Lionel Ritchie since I was a boy, but the mullet sadly is a hairpiece. My wife won't let me rock that hairstyle.

Roykfrapp says: On a more serious note, what are your favourite comedy series in America and do you watch any British comedy?
I don't tend to watch too many American comedies. I love British comedy. Eastbound is heavily influences by The Office, Alan Partridge and Spaced.

Jimmy The Saint says: Are you involved in David Green's remake of Suspiria and what do you think of this radical change of direction? The director of Pineapple Express making a horror film?
Jimmy, I wish I was involved in Suspiria... it's going to be awesome. David likes to keep people on their toes. That's what I think is exciting about him as a director. He'll kill that movie... and then surprise everyone and make something even crazier next. That's how he rolls.

Provenelk says: With your experience on the Foot Fist Way, what advice would you give to a recently graduated filmmaker making a film on a shoestring budget?
First of all Provenelk, congrats on graduating film school. Make a movie. That's the way to do it. Waiting for someone to hand you the opportunity is a tough gamble. Make a movie and show the world what you got going on. Embrace the low budget and just use the money to make the best film you can make as opposed to trying to make it look like a big Hollywood film.

mongoloid_mike says: Weapon of choice, drug of choice, animal of choice. Hit me up.
Mongoloid Mike, we meet again... Weapon - compound bow, drug - black tar heroin, animal - dung beetle. Take that.

Jason says: Did you have any actors in mind when you were writing Your Highness? Or did everything just come together?
Hello Jason... Franco was the only actor we had in mind. We were very happy with the cast that assembled after that. No idea the talent that we would pull in to such a filthy romp.

garetha66 says: What's your view on George Lucas refusing to leave the Star Wars films, if it were up to you would you stop him?
Does he need to be stopped? I keep hoping that one day the magic will be recaptured. If not, let's put our money together and freeze the motherfucker Han Solo style and put him in the Empire offices.

Danny McBride Webchat Transcript

craig says: What would happen if Fred Simmons and Kenny Powers met?
Craig, they would probably have a sword fight.

rustyfourbears says: How many fantasy films did you watch to get into the mood? For the film, that is.
Oh Rustyfourbears, I watched a shit ton of fantasy films around the clock to get in the mood... Krull, Beastmaster, Conan, Death Stalker, Hawk The Slayer, Dark Crystal, Sword And Sorcerer, Steel Magnolias

Quentin_Cappucino says: Tell us something we don't know about Natalie Portman, please.
A lot of people don't know that Natalie is really attractive. It's crazy. She is.

FoodFan1123 says: What's your favourite sandwich?
A bacon butty smothered in brown sauce.

CT Mode says: You're invited to the Royal Wedding (it's this small shindig that's coming up) -- what wedding gift do you bring?
Six cock rings and a toaster.

Benedick Bandersnatch says: Would you rather live up the butt of a dinosaur or have a snake live up yours?
A snake up my ass, naturally.

staypuft2 says: Kenny Powers prefers tits right... are you an ass or a tits man?
I like women who have them both. It's weird when they're missing one.

welsh-evs75 says: Danny - 'You're The Voice' by John Farnham (as featured in Hot Rod) the best song ever released: discuss!
Welsh, I agree, that's how I knew that Samberg and his boys were genius: that song inciting a riot. What more do you need in a film?

Kevin says: Would you do Pineapple Express 2 if you got offered to do it?
Yes I would do Pineapple 2. Do you know anybody that could make that happen?

FoodFan1123 says: What's your favourite comedy of all time?
Ah, Food Fan, that's tough. Here's my shortlist: original Bad News Bears, Ghostbusters, Ferris Bueller, The Goonies, Annie Hall, Three O'Clock High, Passion Of The Christ.

biggerboat1545 says: You've done Martial Arts, war, action now a medieval comedy. What's next? A superhero movie, maybe? Mullet-Man perhaps?
I want to go to outer space. Let's do this shit.

Danny McBride Webchat Transcript
Danny with Natalie Portman in Your Highness

Shamebot says: I heard that sales of the Daewoo Lanos went through the roof after Pineapple Express. Were you offered one as a gift?
I own the Daewoo company. So all proceeds do not go to charity.

Jason says: What's your favourite film quote?
I am usually too blitzed when I watch movies to actually remember what words the people in the films are saying.

phil blakeman says: Seth Rogan, Adam Sandler, James Franco. Snog, marry, kill?
I'd like to mix it up Phil. Invite them all over to the house for a snog party. Get everybody drunk. Marry all three, and then mow 'em down. Sick stuff.

shizzle says: Will you let me house your spawn in my womb?
Shizzle, I would gladly build a house in your womb. A big English cottage.

Nick says: If you could be offered a lead role in any comic book film what would you choose?
I fought hard to play wonder woman but sometimes these assholes in Hollywood have no vision.

Tobyyyy says: Hi Danny, I haven't seen Your Highness yet, but I certainly will, is there any chance of a sequel? Granted I know you sign sequel clauses for pretty much every film these days...
I loved making this movie so I would gladly do it again. But more than ten people will have to see the movie I suppose...

Idler says: Are you pissed that Les Grossman might get a spin off movie but not Cody?
Cody might appear in the Les Grossman movie, you never know.

Tobyyyy says: What was the last film you saw at the cinema? And how was it?
The last movie I saw at the cinema was Beaches (1988).

BRobins says: Who has been your favourite character to play?
I've had fun playing every character. Fred Simmons in Foot Fist Way was a lot of fun because we funded that film ourselves and could do whatever we wanted.

Kevin says: What would you be doing if you weren't in the film business?
Hey Kevin, I would either be a bounty hunter, pot farmer, or grandmother. All equally important roles in society.

Good night my friends... it's been a blast

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