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Exclusive: Richard Ayoade Interview
'There are too many vowels in my name'
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Exclusive: Submarine Webchat
Richard Ayoade and his young stars surface to answer your questions

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Once we got over our disappointment that Submarine wouldn't feature a single torpedo and nary a 'ping!' noise to boot, it was clear that something special had arrived. Adapted and directed by Richard Ayoade from Joe Dunthorne's South Wales novel, it's a funny, tender coming-of-age tale about a teenage boy who thinks he may secretly be Alain Delon. The boy in question, Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts), is like Max Fischer's younger, surlier cousin, whose dreams include saving his parents' marriage, losing his virginity to the enigmatic Jordana (Yasmin Paige) and finding a suitably cool hat to wear to school. The three of them came by to answer your questions on Submarine, The IT Crowd, their favourite sandwiches and the importance of the crunch.

Exclusive: Submarine Webchat

palmerantony says: Hi Richard, whereabouts in Wales did you film? And how did you find it?1
Richard Ayoade: It was South Wales; Barry, Swansea, Cardiff and somewhere in the valleys that's hard to spell. I found it agreeable.

Question for Richard: Was there a temptation, in shooting Submarine, to do something low-key and distance yourself from the irreverent stylings of the IT Crowd?
Richard Ayoade: No.

Craig, what was it like filming Being Human? And what was it like working with Richard?
Craig Roberts: Being Human was cool because it was in Wales which is very close to where I live. So that was awesome. And Richard is incredibly uncool.

HelloSandwiches says: Do you ever worry that Submarine is going to be confused with the release of Battleships?
Richard Ayoade: Constantly. I can't assuage those fears.

AyoadeBot says: What comedies did you used to watch when you were growing up?
Yasmin Paige: Zoolander, Cable Guy. Superbad's my favourite.

Craig Roberts: Saved By The Bell - is that a comedy? I used to love that.

Yasmin Paige: Keenan & Kel.

Craig Roberts: Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, if it's a competition.

Richard Ayoade: Monty Python, The Day Today, Hancock's Half Hour (not the film).

mattcop says: Hi Richard, Wes Anderson's name has been floating about a lot, specifically Rushmore. How direct was his influence or would you say that you were more interested in many of Anderson's influences i.e. the French New Wave?
Richard Ayoade:
I was influenced by the French New Wave, mainly. And Taxi Driver and Badlands. But I love Wes Anderson.
I was influenced by the French New Wave, mainly. And Taxi Driver and Badlands. But I love Wes Anderson.

JC says: Craig and Yasmin: Just how relatable are these characters of yours? They certainly look very interesting...
Yasmin Paige: I'm not really like Jordana I don't think. I'm more like Oliver just hopefully not as mean!

Craig Roberts: I'm a loner like Oliver.

Miles Watts says: Richard, how long have you been planning Submarine, from idea to script, etc.?
Richard Ayoade: The book was not my idea. From reading it, to finishing it? Maybe three years.

OrangeAid says: Craig, Yasmin: does it worry you that the film is so absurdly romantic (like the beach montage) that real-life romance just won't live up to the Submarine-like expectations?
Yasmin Paige: I think so probably. We're not gonna have music or great lighting! We're not gonna have Alex Turner songs and wonderful editing, so it's not gonna be as great.

yellowsubmarine says: Craig and Yasmin: did you both go to acting school?
Craig Roberts: No! I went to a stage coach for two months and quit because I was bored.

Yasmin Paige: When I was younger I did but from 11 onwards I went to a normal school.

bad_dancer says: I was just wondering if Richard's a Hitchcock fan? Given the French New Wave's preoccupation with him...
Richard Ayoade: Yes, I am. Definitely. Vertigo is my favourite. It's just great. I also like Shadow Of A Doubt.

Splaj says: What are your favourite bands?
Richard Ayoade: Favourite bands? Dinosaur Jr. I like them a lot. The Beatles. The Kinks.

Yasmin Paige: Johnny Cash.

Craig Roberts: Eminem. I'm an obsessed Eminem fan.

Collie says: C&Y: Doing the whole publicity tour thing, what's been the most surreal experience so far? Anyone come up to you yet and said: "I just *love* your work, darling!"
Yasmin Paige: No! No-one's come up and said that. The most surreal experience has been getting to eat good food.

Webbmeister says: My favourite line of your Boosh character Saboo is when you describe Kirk as "an erotic adventurer of the most deranged kind". Out of all the great lines you could pick from - what is yours?
Richard Ayoade: I don't know... (Richard is racking his brains) Something someone else said, probably.

ColonelBlimp says: To all: other than Submarine - favourite book and why?
Yasmin Paige: Into The Wild.

Craig Roberts: Eminem: Autobiography

Richard Ayoade: Moby Dick. Why?

HappyDogs says: For everyone: What movie have you watched the most in your lives? Crappy rom-coms perfectly permissible.
Yasmin Paige: Dog Day Afternoon.

Craig Roberts: 8 Mile.

Richard Ayoade: Zazie Dans Le Métro. I've seen that about 40 times.

mattcop says: Richard, do you get bored with British film? (I genuinely came out of Submarine feeling proud, in a totally non-nationalistic way, that what I had just seen was British - obviously so - yet had so much flair and energy to it.)
Richard Ayoade: I felt very nationalistic making it. Almost fascist. I don't really have a take on British film.

Big_Pants says: What's Paddy like? He's really lovely to meet but looks intense to work with.
Craig Roberts: Yeah, he's in character all the time.

ollieb says: To all: who is your favourite director and why?
Richard Ayoade: Ingmar Bergman. I can't really say why, other than he's just great. Persona is my favourite film of his.

Yasmin Paige: Eric Rohmer - it used to be Martin Scorsese - I just think he's really amazing and great at portraying relationships and he has beautiful shots.

Craig Roberts: Judd Apatow.

Rgirvan44 says: Are we ever going to see the return of Dean Learner?
Richard Ayoade: He never went away.

Quentin_Cappucino says: Craig, is it true Ben Stiller, who's co-producing, made a special video message for you? If so, what did he say?
Craig Roberts: Not for me - for the cast and crew.

retiredhuman says: Richard, you must be proud of Submarine, I mean what with all the positive reviews and advertising everywhere. Has it all given you a sense of pressure for when it comes to directing your next project? Do you feel there are improvements on your behalf?
Richard Ayoade: I don't know. I don't really know how to answer that one. I always worry about whether you can write something well.

Exclusive: Submarine Webchat

yellowsubmarine says: Craig and Yasmin what did you first think of the Submarine script?
Craig Roberts: It was very funny without trying to be funny. It's different from how it is now.

Yasmin Paige: Yeah, I just thought it was phenomenally written and really funny. The characters were really detailed and interesting.

1927 says: To all: any other interests/hobbies/pastimes besides acting and Eminem?
Craig Roberts: 50 Cent, Pro Evolution Soccer.

Yasmin Paige: Kayaking.

Craig Roberts: On Pro Evolution 2006 I was tenth in the world on the online ranking system

Yasmin Paige: Not an Xbox fan. I like to read and to watch films.

Craig and Yasmin: Your characters have a peculiar but also cute relationship. How did the two of you create this chemistry?
Craig Roberts: From not hating each other.

Yasmin Paige: From getting along well as friends. We got on amazingly well. We learned to - you're with a person for such a long time all day every day for four/five months - you learn to just know how the other's feeling. You get into a rhythm with one another and know how to respect one another. If a person's feeling anxious you try to be supportive without getting on their nerves.

yellowsubmarine says: Richard: Latest film you have seen?
Richard Ayoade: Opening Night by John Cassavetes.

Yasmin Paige: The last film I saw was True Grit. I thought True Grit was amazing, phenomenal.

Craig Roberts: Mine was Paul.

AyoadeBot says: If Arctic Monkeys asked you to join the band, what role would you play?
Richard Ayoade: Timpani.

GenGen says: Richard, if you could adapt and direct any other novel, what would it be?
Richard Ayoade: Something by Jeffrey Archer.

1927 says: Richard: other than BFI Southbank, what are your favourite cinemas in London?
Richard Ayoade: Cine Lumiere. I like the Renoir.

Exclusive: Submarine Webchat

Rgirvan44 says: Craig and Yasmin: any thoughts about taking up directing in the future yourselves?
Craig Roberts: Yeah, sure.

Yasmin Paige: I cannot do a job where there's so much responsibility - I'd be too afraid. I'd like to get behind the camera but just a job where not the whole film rests on me!

Webbmeister says: Is Karen O actually a massive nerd?
Richard Ayoade: No.

KurtisReid says: Craig, what was it like working on Jane Eyre?
Craig Roberts: That was really cool. I only did a day. But Sally Hawkins played my mum in that as well.

Daryn says: Richard, with the limited amount of film funding in the UK restricting the amount of unique voices breaking through in film, do you think you will eventually produce films in the US like Chris Nolan has?
Richard Ayoade: I think I will do very similar work to Chris Nolan, I'm drawing mind maps as we speak.

JC says: Richard: you said on 5 Live that you have a terrible voice. If convinced otherwise, would you do audiobooks? I'd buy loads.
Richard Ayoade: Sure, if characters with wispy, weedy, nasal voices are required.

GenGen says: Craig, do you know if you'll be returning to Being Human or Becoming Human?
Craig Roberts: If they have me back then yes, I would like to do it. Maybe they'll have me back. They don't have a lead vampire anymore so...

ColourMeBlue says: One for everyone: When have you been most starstruck?
Richard Ayoade: I met Woody Allen a few years ago. We were dressed exactly the same.

Craig Roberts: I met Drake.

Yasmin Paige: You met Drake? When?

Craig Roberts: At the GQ Man of the Year awards.

Yasmin Paige: Mine was when I met Noel Fielding. I was just weirdly following him round saying he's so cool! But he's just so cool.

Quentin_Cappucino says: What's the deal with Paddy Considine's hair in the film? As a man with great hair yourself, Richard, did you design the look yourself? And does this hairstyle have a name?
Richard Ayoade: I don't know. And yes. And yes.

yellowsubmarine says: Richard what was more fun to play Moss (The IT Crowd) or Saboo (The Mighty Boosh)?
Richard Ayoade: I couldn't say. I just don't know.

Boosh says: Richard, how IT literate are you in reality?
Richard Ayoade: Not at all.

JC says: C&Y: You're both a few years older than your characters in Submarine. What steps did you take in order to be convincing as kids? Or was the shoot just THAT far back?
Yasmin Paige: We are kids! It's only a few years. I still feel like I'm 15.

Craig Roberts:: It wasn't hard.

hnooman12 says: Richard, was the transition from acting to directing a tough one to make or is it something you always fancied? Which do you prefer?
Richard Ayoade: I was never really acting. So yeah, I've directed for a while.

R W says: Richard, having directed a number of music videos, what are your favourite bands to work with and would like to work with in the future?
Richard Ayoade: I've liked all the bands I've done videos for. I like Dinosaur Jr. or John Cale.

ColourMeBlue says: If you had to sing a song - any song - to save the world, what would it be?
Craig Roberts: (Eminem's) Kim.

Yasmin Paige: Johnny Cash - A Boy Named Sue.

palmerantony says: All, how do you feel about the fact that many people across the UK won't be able to see such a fresh, different British film like Submarine due to it not being screened in short-sighted cinemas near them?
Craig Roberts: Good point.

Richard Ayoade: I feel pleased that anyone can see it at all. But maybe if it does well this week, it might go to other cinemas.

Yasmin Paige: I suppose it's less embarrassing for us [that] it's not in the small cinemas if nobody goes and sees it. It would be hard for some people so I'm sorry, but if you are taking a trip into town for some reason and you would like to see it... see it.

Walks22 says: Why did you choose Alex Turner to compose the music for the film?
Richard Ayoade: Because Billy Joel was busy.

hnooman12 says: Craig, I first remember seeing you in Young Dracula back in the day. What's it like to now be making films compared to shows like that? (I loved Young Dracula by the way, CBBC just isn't the same)
Craig Roberts: Young Dracula's coming back but I'm not in it. But acting wise - it's a lot less. Performance wise - it's very minimal compared to prancing around.

baron duke says: You've all come primarily from a TV background and with the success of Submarine, you've made a great transition from TV to film. Do you all intend to continue working in film in the future or would you like to strike a balance between film and TV?
Richard Ayoade: I don't mind, really. I'd like to do more of both.

Craig Roberts: Both as long as it's good work.

Yasmin Paige: As long as someone will hire us it's fine. As long as I can fuel my trips to Nandos.

Des Boot says: Why is Submarine called Submarine?
Richard Ayoade: Because it's about a submarine.

Yasmin Paige: Because the book is called Submarine.

paul_ie86 says: Evil Dead or Lord Of The Rings?
Richard Ayoade: Evil Dead.

Craig Roberts: Lord Of The Rings

Yasmin Paige: I've never seen Evil Dead.

Exclusive: Submarine Webchat

Webbmeister says: How do you know SO much about 'The Crunch'...?
Richard Ayoade: Research...

GavinB says: Richard, The IT Crowd did a great skit on the DVD anti-piracy ad. Where do you stand on the debate? Ever downloaded anything you didn't pay for and now that you are a director, has your opinion changed on the matter?
Richard Ayoade: Films I like probably aren't available for download.

ollieb says: To all: What are your next projects now Submarine is finished?
Yasmin Paige: Nothing.

Craig Roberts: Regular in EastEnders.

Yasmin Paige: They wouldn't hire me! They said my accent wasn't Cockney enough!

Richard Ayoade: I'm going to concentrate on archery.

Mapple says: Mr Ayoade, you are a man that can grow a mighty beard. Did you have one during the filming of Submarine?
Richard Ayoade: I did, but it wasn't mighty.

retiredhuman says: Craig, what is better? Trying to win the heart of the girl you fancy or being a vampire?
Yasmin Paige: Being a vampire!

Craig Roberts: Ehhhh, being a vampire.

hnooman12 says: Richard, how long were you working on the idea of creating 'Submarine' and do you have any tips for a film student about getting into the industry?
Richard Ayoade: The script took a couple of years. I've only made one film, so it seems a bit premature to be dispensing advice!

JellymashFilms says: Richard, what was the best piece of advice you were given on filmmaking and did you follow it?
Richard Ayoade:
The best piece of advice I was given? Noah Taylor said wear comfortable shoes. It worked.
Noah Taylor said wear comfortable shoes. And I did follow that. It worked.

mattcop says: How much did Joe Dunthorne have to do with the project?
Richard Ayoade: He wrote the book and read drafts. He was great throughout, really. It's hard to put a percentage on it. He visited once and found it fun and the second time he wanted to kill himself.

R W says: What did Dunthorne think of the film?
Richard Ayoade: I couldn't tell because he was crying so much.

Yasmin Paige: It would've been a bad thing if he cried surely, "YOU'VE RUINED MY MASTERPIECE."

HelloSandwiches says: What TV shows are you watching the moment?
Richard Ayoade: Eastbound And Down and Community.

Kesker says: You can only eat one food for the rest of your life, what do you choose?
Yasmin Paige: Nando's!

Craig Roberts: Nando's, yep

Richard Ayoade: Death.

OrangeAid says: What's your favourite sandwich, guys?
Richard Ayoade: Meat sandwich.

Craig Roberts: The Egg bloomer from Pret.

Yasmin Paige: Mine is the pole-lined tuna from Pret. I assume it is important to have it pole-lined.

mattcop says: I have a full Nando's card. I will take you all there. Deal?
Yasmin Paige: Deal. But can I keep the Nandos card for myself?

hnooman12 says: Yasmin, favourite Nandos meal?
Yasmin Paige: Favourite Nandos meal: quarter chicken, medium, with chips and coleslaw and a coke.

Craig Roberts: Nandos in general is such a fantastic place to be at and I feel warm when I'm in the building.

AyoadeBot says: Where do you buy your suits from?
Richard Ayoade: Savile Row... No, Savvy Row. (Chris misheard)

Collie says: What turn of phrase do you finding yourself saying more than any other?
Richard Ayoade: I don't know.... "I don't know."

Craig Roberts: Innit. Innit. Innit? Brilliant, innit! Awesome.

ColourMeBlue says: If you could tell your younger self - the self that was about to start Submarine -any advice, what would it be?
Richard Ayoade: Maybe just eeeeeerrrrrrrrr...

Yasmin Paige: Probably don't be so worried.

Richard Ayoade: Thanks to everyone for asking questions and reading bad answers!

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