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01 January 2016
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The Bradley Cooper Webchat Transcript
The Limitless star on A-Team 2 and Between Two Ferns

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Bradley Cooper, then. There's no doubt he's handsome, charming, and a pretty funny guy -- but is he man enough to withstand the barrage of questions an Empire webchat delivers? Well, as the following transcript shows, definitely. Fielding queries on topics such as sandwiches, casual theft, and WWE Raw, he proved an admirable combatant and definitely someone we'd love to ask back to Empire Towers another day. You know, if only so the Grazia girls from upstairs can faint and swoon in his ever-so-rugged presence again. Sigh...

The Bradley Cooper Webchat Transcript

Big_Pants says: So if you had a drug that gave you special powers like your character in Limitless what would you do?
I'd probably do what Eddie Moore does, which is learn as many languages as I could initially, dialects included, because then you could communicate with pretty much anybody. Then I'd also have a bunch of instruments around my house that I don't really know how to play, so then I could deal with that and get rid of the guilt of procrastination.

stujay2002 says: Hi Bradley, You've worked with a number of great directors and co-stars in your career to date, but is there anyone in particular you would love to work with?
Yeah, Daniel Day-Lewis, Glenda Jackson, Albert Finney, Tom Courtney, Cate Blanchett...

Paul-in-Cardiff says: Hey Bradley - of your co-stars, who could do more damage - Jennifer Garner (Alias) or Mike Tyson (The Hangover)...
Depends on what you mean by "damage".

zax says: What was hosting WWE Raw really like? And just to let you know, The Hangover encouraged my honeymoon to Vegas... Wasn't nearly as wild though.
Fulfilment of a childhood dream. I was a huge WWF fan as a kid. Blackjack Mulligan, Andre the Giant were just a few of my favourites. So to be there in the house of Vince McMahon was a dream.

ZachAttack says: How does the whole set-up of Zach's Between Two Ferns work? How much is scripted? How much is you guys? Also, what's your favourite one?
I can only speak to the one I did. We came up with the concept for that - What if there a guest who instead of finding the cable access theme below them actually was quite grateful to be there? So I was so excited to speak about any movie I'd been in, for an exhausting amount of time. We shot that episode for about 2 hours. I spent probably about 20 minutes describing in detail the plots of every movie I'd been in. We made a thumbnail sketch of how we wanted the arc of the interview to go, discussing the fact that a slapfest at the end could be a fun idea. But all in all, it's heavily improvised. We shot it in 2 in the morning in Las Vegas during the press junket for The Hangover, and the only ferns they had were quite dead, so we turned it into part of the joke.

TigerSnooze says: The adverts in the paper for Limitless are interesting, making it seem like a real product and not a film. Does Limitless have an 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' vibe about it then?
We certainly used that movie as inspiration for the marketing campaign. We came up with the idea of a viral infomercial that we leaked back in October, which was a lot of fun to do. Is this drug real, or is it fiction?

doubledown1138 says: Hey Bradley. There is a clip on YouTube of you getting a chance to ask Sean Penn a question on Inside the Actor's Studio. Is it an ambition of yours to appear on the show as a guest?
I actually had the opportunity of appearing as a guest in October, and it will air on Monday.

PK1990 says: What is your favourite movie? And why?
Oh man, that's a difficult question. The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, Unforgiven, Apocalypse Now, Hiroshima Mon Amour are just a few.

The Bradley Cooper Webchat Transcript

BELLA says: Hi Bradley. Did you read Alan Glynn's book "The Dark Fields" before shooting Limitless and what do you think of the changes made for the movie?
Yes, I devoured it. Invaluable for preparation. A real insight into Eddie's mind; he wrote it in first-person. Leslie Dixon took the ball and ran with it in writing the script, though Eddie's arc is completely different, as I'm sure you know if you read the book. I appreciated her re-envisioning of the book.

Eve Barlow says: Hundreds of women in the Empire office must be giggling excitedly knowing that you're in the building... anything you'd like to say to us? I mean, um, them.
I hate to break it to you Eve; not only are there not hundreds of women in here, but the only woman here actually said that that's not true.

April Ludgate says: Would you jump at the opportunity to host SNL again? If so, who would be your ideal musical guest to host with?
I would love to. And Neil Young.

LizzieBee1 says: Not a film question, but how was it playing tennis with Roger Federer in the pre-US Open exhibition?
Surreal. Even more surreal was hitting an overhead winner down the alley against McEnroe to win the match.

ein says: What is you best advice for someone who wants to be a screenwriter?

morg1138 says: At what point did you decide that acting was for you? Was there a specific film or actor?
Early on - I was lucky in that way. I lived next door to a movie theatre, and my father exposed me to the most wonderful films at an early age. The Elephant Man, David Lynch's portrayal of John Merrick, was in fact the movie that influenced my decision to want to follow a career as an actor.

arnaud says: What was your first reaction when you were given the script of 'The Hangover' ?
That's a tricky question because there were two versions. In the first version, I thought, "This is good, but I'm certainly not right for Vic", Phil's name before Todd rewrote it. Then the first 39 pages that Todd gave me of his rewrite blew me away.

Big_Pants says: I read that you try do all your own stunts. Have you picked up any injuries?
Yes. Stupid man I am. I ripped my hamstring, all sorts. But it's quite fun.

Ali Plumb says: Hi Bradley, I've been trying to make my hair more like yours but it's just not got the same spring. Any tips?
Hmm. Try not washing it for a bit.

janieelizabeth says: My mom saw you on Globe Trekker a few months ago. I didn't believe her, but then I went to see. Do you still like to/get to travel a lot (for your own pleasure, not just for films)?
I loved doing that show, despite the fact that I was the worst host ever. I do fortunately get to travel a bit because of the nature of being an actor, but not as much as I'd like to, or in the way that I'd like to. I had the opportunity to go to Afghanistan twice; that was incredible.

filmstudentgreg says: I read an interview a while back about your Green Lantern audition and the Christian Bale impression you went for, if you could get a second shot at a comic book movie audition what would it be?
Hmm, that's a good question. I think that my ability to play a superhero may be very small.

The Bradley Cooper Webchat Transcript

SimonWard says: Hi Bradley. What's the truth behind this Charlie Sheen in The Hangover 2 rumour?
Unless Charlie Sheen has a time machine, we already shot the film. So I guess there's no truth to it.

Rory says: Hey Bradley, how did you feel when you were asked to play Lt. 'Faceman' Peck with the other A-Team members? Must've felt like an honour.
You said it. It was a dream that I never really had, because it seemed an impossible one to make a reality. But bigger than playing Face was to do it with Liam, Sharlto and Rampage, with Joe Carnahan at the helm.

jaddo007 says: Hey Bradley, which team would you rather hang out with, the A-Team or The Hangover Team?
Hmm. That's a tough one. "Hmm". That's it.

nozzdogg says: How much fun was it playing the loathsome Sack in The Wedding Crashers? Would you like to play a part like that again?
It was a wonderfully therapeutic exercise. I knew so many of those guys in high school, and deplored their behaviour, while at the same time obsessing over their ability to wield their power over all the other students. Yes, I would do it again, if it was the right story.

ducktales says: Hi Bradley, would be good to see you as a villain, who is your favourite on screen villain?
Hmm. There have been so many. Certainly of late, Heath Ledger's Joker. Tom Hardy's Bronson. Ralph Fiennes' Voldemort.

Daryn says: I noticed Unforgiven in your list of top films which in my opinion is the best western ever made. Would you like to act in a western yourself? And if so will you be giving Tarantino a call?
I'd love to call Tarantino because yes, he has written a Western and I ask my agents every day whether there's a script and if I can put myself on tape for it. If you love Westerns, I highly recommend High Plains Drifter, which I'm sure you've already seen.

AgentMcQueen says: Are you joining Twitter any time soon? If not, why?
No. For no reason other than it seems to make it harder if one knows an actor's personal life to believe the character that he or she is playing in the movie.

J says: Do you have a middle name? It seems so trivial, but usually you can find this stuff by Wikipedia and yours doesn't have anything!
Charles. My father's first name.

leolein says: Are you thinking about sitting in the director chair yourself?
Yes. God yes.

Oz_p says: Hi Bradley, is there any role in an upcoming film that you would love to take?
Yes. But if I mention it and don't get it, it would just be sad really.

mattkell85 says: Hi Bradley, was just wondering if the rumours last year about you being one of the front-runners to play Captain America where true? Or did you audition for it?
I asked about it; they said I was too old.

The Bradley Cooper Webchat Transcript

HeloMolly says: Bradley what's your favourite line you've ever had to say in a movie?
"Yeah, that's not going to happen."

Sydney Bristow says: Hi Bradley, loved you since your days on Alias' first two seasons, any chance of getting JJ to create a Will spin-off for you?
Highly unlikely. I would just be glad to get him on the phone.

Elonir says: You mention you would like to direct - have you an idea/screenplay already in mind?
There's a series of books I am obsessed with. We'll see.

Face says: Not a film questions, but - What is your favourite type of music? Do you play any instruments yourself?
I grew up playing the classical bass. I fool around with several instruments but I would not say that I'm proficient.

stevec32 says: If you were to go back to television what sort of programs would you act in? Are there any you're a fan of at the moment? (Dexter, Mad Men, Chuck?)
I love Mad Men. And Breaking Bad. But can't imagine adding anything beneficial to either one of those casts.

Kesker says: Last film you saw at the cinema?
Black Swan, I think. Loved it.

TigerSnooze says: You were awesome at the UK A-Team premiere last year. Do you have fun meeting fans?
Yes I do, I really do.

RichMahogany says: What's your favourite sandwich?
BLT. But then I make everything into a sandwich.

Big_Pants says: If you could speak to the 16-year-old Bradley, what advice would you give him?
Give yourself a break.

Edwin says: Which director would you want to work with that you haven't had the chance to?
Paul Thomas Anderson. Sidney Lumet. Martin Scorsese. Jonathan Glazer. Kathryn Bigelow. So many!

katelm76 says: Hi! What is the Best Trilogy? Original Indiana Jones Films? Lord of the Rings? Or the Original Star Wars?
No question about it, Indiana Jones!

indy2606 says: What's your favourite swear word?
Phil! When I'm really mad, Philip!

Ro101 says: Do you get much time off between films or are you all work work work!?
No, it all depends. But recently yes, I took a lot of time off. I lived back home with my parents for the summer.

Terry Tate says: If you could steal anything from the Empire office, what would it be?
The Gladiator helmet.

shell says: Hey Bradley, what's the best thing you've ever been given for free?
Tom Ford suits.

Sydney Bristow says: What were your feelings about the Mel Gibson filming scenario with Hangover 2?
I'm a huge Braveheart fan.

MJ says: As a Phillies fan, were you excited about the Cliff Lee homecoming?
Yes! What a coup.

vhari says: If you and Ed Helms were to go to a Karaoke night what song would you sing?
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You by Led Zeppelin. Or Great White.

Holmesy says: Any news on A-Team 2? Will there be one? I thought it was great and my friends felt the same.
I loved it too. But unfortunately, outside of you, a few of your friends and myself, there just wasn't enough revenue to supply a second instalment of that franchise.

mattjj75 says: Hi Bradley, welcome to sunny England. If there was one role you wish you could have played, in the history of movies, what would it be?
(Unforgiven's) William Munny.

You know, we should only have answered the salacious questions. That would have been fun. Anyway, thanks everybody!

Limitless is in cinemas from Wednesday 23 March.

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