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The Dolph Lundgren Webchat Transcript
The interview that may well break you

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Sporting an exceptionally sharp suit, Dolph Lundgren strolled into our offices this week to talk about his career, from A View to a Kill to The Expendables and everything inbetween, and once he'd sat down and knocked back a coffee, he did just that. Expect questions (and answers) on Brandon Lee, The Running Man, Van Damme, scaring burglars, and working with Sly again...

The Dolph Lundgren Webchat Transcript

mim731 says: Will we ever get a sequel to Masters of the Universe?
Well, not with me. I am tired of my skimpy outfit, I'm not wearing it anymore. It's too cold.

thatfilmlover says: Dolph, most of your fans know about your master's degree in chemical engineering, could you tell us how, if ever, this comes in useful in day to day life? Or even in acting?
Well, let's see. In acting it’s in your way because you think too much. In regular life, it means I can mix a pretty good drink, alcoholic or otherwise. I can make a pretty good wake-up drink every morning. I have some supplements as well. Fernet branca is my favourite cocktail – that's an Italian digestif that's pretty good. Medicinal, but you get a little buzz from it.

philsavory says: What do you eat for breakfast? Standard stuff or a bowlful of nails and gravel?
I'll try that bowl maybe one day, otherwise I'll go for the scrambled eggs.

fraser1978 says: Did you fall out with Van Damme filming Universal Soldier? Saw him push you once at a premiere, you were trying to keep the peace.... what happened?
Oh. I didn't fall out with anyone. That thing that happened in Cannes on the red carpet was more like a publicity stunt, nothing serious.

Jeeh says: What was the best thing about working on Expendables?
The best thing was when Stallone stopped yelling at me. And getting to be on a big screen again after 15 years, that was fun.

Replicant says: In Rocky, did you injure Sly for real and what injuries did he pick up from your beating?
Well, let's see. I think he got some kind of mental injury - no I'm joking! He said he broke a couple of ribs and bruised a heart muscle, that's what he told me, but I didn't see the x-rays. That's what he told me. Maybe slight brain damage.

Olof says: Tjenare Dolph! How’s your black belt training coming along? Any plans to focus a bit more on martial arts in your movies now when you have "freshened up" the skills so to speak?
Well I just trained karate in Sweden last Saturday, so it's not too many days ago. I was back for the 40th anniversary of the club where I started training - I wasn't there that long ago, but maybe 30 years ago. But I'd like to use more martial arts in movies, but keep it more street fighting than strict martial arts. That can pigeonhole the movie too much.

AaronF says: Dolph, you've fought loads of people in your movies over the years, if you could fight anyone in the world in your next film, who would it be?
That's a good question. It'd be fun to fight somebody else in The Expendables, like Bruce Willis or The Rock could be good.

thatfilmlover says: Dolph, you have two daughters, should their boyfriends/husbands be terrified of you?
Yes. Very much so.

The Dolph Lundgren Webchat Transcript

Prowse says: Which of your films/roles are you most proud of?
Well, Expendables, even though it was small I liked that. Rocky IV was the first. And I also liked Command Performance, which I also directed, because I did that film for very little money and I think it came out pretty good.

thatfilmlover says: Dolph, you’re a famous movie tough guy, but what makes you go weak and knees and maybe crack a single manly tear?
If anything happens to my kids, or even if they get upset or anything like that.

Jeeh says: After The Expendables, any new plans to hit the big screen?
Yeah, I have a film I'm trying to put together to direct. It would star somebody else and I'd be co-starring, about human trafficking. And then Expendables 2 maybe.

Replicant says: Dolph - what is your favourite movie of all time (that you haven't starred in) and what recent movies do you love?
I like Gladiator, and in recent films, I thought Sherlock Holmes was very good, and also The Hurt Locker.

lundgrensmydad says: Dolph, is it true you're tough enough that you can break a person’s heart with one chest punch?
I'm sorry, but I don't think so. Not unless it's a very small person. Any leprechauns, just line ‘em up here and I'll take care of them.

Mart says: Are there any downsides to being known as an action star?
Not really.

Prowse says: Given your involvement with Pentathlon, do you still follow track and field sports? Any plans to come to the 2012 Olympics in London?
I follow sports, yeah. It would be great to come to 2012, why not? I haven't planned it yet though.

thatfilmlover says: Dolph, it's been reported that you own a home in London, what do you get up to when your here and do you get time to enjoy the sights?
Well, I think there are some good action movies now. Unfortunately some of the stars perhaps lack some of the charisma that some of the guys in the ‘80s had.
Well, I usually don't have time to enjoy it too much because I'm always going to LA or somewhere else. But I like London because it's multicultural, and along with LA and New York it's one of the cities that I spend any time in that I really enjoy, I like being here.

Steve Done says: Dolph, I loved the Expendables and can’t wait for part 2. Any big names you'd like to join the cast? Personally I'd love to see you lock horns with Wesley Snipes or Vin Diesel. P.S. Watched Dark Angel/ I Come In Peace last Saturday, that film is as good today as it was 20 years ago.
Thanks for saying that about Dark Angel, I like it too. It's underrated and really well directed by Craig Baxley. He did a great job. Wesley Snipes, Vin Diesel, I think those are good choices. Personally I think it'd be fun if Arnold was in it a little more. Arnold and Sly walking into a room would be fun, and I think Willis is going to be in the new one quite a bit so that would add a lot to the film too.

thatfilmlover says: Dolph, what do you think is people's biggest misconception about you?
That I'm really smart…? If I was, I'd be the Governor of California right now instead of sitting here.

Earlace says: What's your opinion on action movies now vs. the ‘80s, are they better or worse?
Well, I think there are some good action movies now. Unfortunately some of the stars perhaps lack some of the charisma that some of the guys in the ‘80s had, like Arnold and Stallone and Steven Seagal. It’s a bit more driven by technology today than it was. It was a little more driven by people in those days, by the personality of the stars. Statham is an exception. I think he has the old-school personality and charisma, and that's why he's doing well.

Quentin_Cappucino says: Dolph, is it true there's an alternate cut of The Expendables where you die and have a Viking funeral? My friend swears there is...
No, but there was a line in the script which, I don't know if it's on the DVD, I think so, where I'm about to die there and I say, "I want a Viking funeral" and Barney Ross says, "What, with a ship and fire and all that stuff?" And I say, "That's right". But I don't know if he put that back in the DVD, I haven't seen it all yet.

JediBobster says: Dolph, you've played a couple of memorable bad guys in your time - but who do you consider the best villains ever? I mean, if you were making one, who would be on a Dolph hit list?
If I was going to hire a villain you mean? I suppose Jack Nicholson makes a pretty good villain, and if I think back Tommy Lee Jones made a great villain or two. But recent villains? I liked Eric Bana in Star Trek. It's always good if you get a leading man type to play a villain, it's always very powerful.

mrpeterae says: Dolph, were you to play in a romantic comedy who would be your ideal leading lady?
Oh shit, I'm trying to think. I don't know any. Who's the hottest? I have to ask the guys in the office, that's how out of touch I am. Megan Fox, is she good looking? OK, she'll do.

Sas3000 says: Dolph, what's your favourite one liner from the movie? I personally think the 'Happy Feet' line is great…
Yeah, the Happy Feet one is good. There was a funny one in the beginning but you can't quite hear it, when I fire the tank grenade and blow the pirate to smithereens. The original line was, "Warning shot; a little low" but you couldn't quite hear it.

Balboa says: Dolph, what did you think of the Punisher remake with Tom Jane?
Never saw it. True. I don't know why, I'm sure it's a good movie, I just didn't see it. I don't watch too many movies.

The Dolph Lundgren Webchat Transcript

Olof says: Dolph, what movie was most challenging in the physical aspect, and what movie was hardest in the acting aspect? Keep up the good work!
Thanks. Well, let's see. Physically I suppose maybe Masters of the Universe was hard because it went on forever and I trained a lot. I had my shirt off in every scene and it shot a lot at night, 54 nights in a row I recall. Rocky IV was hard but fun. Acting-wise, maybe The Expendables because it made me understand the combination of pain and having fun with the character. Enter-painment, a sort of comedy. I'm going to use that next time.

thatfilmlover says: Dolph, people might not know that you play the drums, can you tell us which drummers you admire?
There are so many great drummers, I don't know where to start. Keith Moon is really good. I like The Who - somebody said they were all like soloists. The bass player and the drummer all played like they were the featured player, they all had their own thing going. So I suppose I can throw him out, and he was great because he did a lot of drugs and died from it, so all the makings of a great drummer. Didn't he park his car in the swimming pool? Not once, or twice, but three times.

JediBobster says: Dolph, I'm sat eating my lunch and find myself wondering, what is Dolph Lundgren's favourite sandwich?
I suppose it would be tuna salad with lettuce, tomato, cheese and some mustard on wheat bread, with a dash of Tabasco. Boring as hell.

Prowse says: Do you have a big Russian fanbase, given how iconic a character the immense Ivan Drago is? Did you get any negative feedback from fans for being the one to kill Apollo Creed?
Well, I do have a huge Russian fanbase and it's fun when I go there. I'm their adopted Hollywood star because they don't have one of their own, and I guess Sweden is close enough. And no, I think everybody was glad I got rid of that guy. He had a big mouth. Stallone especially wanted to get rid of him, he was the one who wrote the script. [Stallone voice]"That felt good"

AaronF says: Dolph, one of my most used quotes in life is "I must break you." from Rocky IV. Has anyone ever dared quote this back to you and how did you deal with them?
Nobody's ever said it in anger to me, so I haven't had to deal with it yet, but maybe one day I will.

Cnelson says: Dolph, you must be a pretty busy guy with lots of projects going on, do you ever find time to relax? What do you do to chill out?
Yeah, it's true I don't have that much time off, but I like to just stay home and watch TV or go on vacation and just lay on the beach and not have to deal with anything.

JediBobster says: Taking into account your film debut - who is your favourite Bond?
Favourite Bond? It would have to be Sean Connery. He had the build, he had the charm, he was tough, sexy… he had everything.
Oh, well I suppose it would have to be Sean Connery. He had the build, he had the charm, he was tough, sexy… he had everything. He's hard to beat, I think nobody's beat him so far. But I liked Roger Moore, he had charm too. He was more sophisticated. Working with Christopher Walken was weird, but he's a nice guy, a cool guy, but he has a weird way of speaking.

Zam says: Hi Dolph, if you could pick one director to work with that you haven't yet, who would it be?
I suppose Clint Eastwood, like everybody else.

On the set of Showdown in Little Tokyo, did you get on with Brandon Lee, and did he talk much of his father?
I got on with him really well, because his mum, Linda, was Swedish, and he spent a lot of time there even though he was born in Hong Kong. But we did talk about his father; we trained together, and he'd trained with his father when he was very little. He was old enough to remember his dad, and he was a nice guy. Really, really friendly. It was terrible, what happened to him.

blonderengel says: Dolph, what will be your next Project?
I'm not 100% sure yet, but I do have that film I want to direct and also Expendables 2. They're about to set that schedule. And there's actually another film with Bruce Willis that I'm looking into as well, where I'd play a crazy homicidal maniac. Just my usual type of role.

philsavory says: Is it true you could've been in The Running Man? Any other near misses for famous roles in the past?
I think I have a faint memory of talking to someone about Running Man before Arnold did it. Let's see… Not really. I know I read Gladiator way before Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe were involved, and I didn't like it much because it didn't have much action and was like a Greek play. I suppose that was stupid - I should have read it twice. It changed, it was a different movie, but still. Otherwise, not really.

shoeman says: You did a couple of workout videos in the 80's. Do you look back at them with pride or shame?
No, I'm not ashamed of any of that stuff. It was just a different time. I quite like those tights I was wearing, they were nice. They made me look really... juicy. And otherwise, no. It was fun. But I was sore for a month after that video; I did about 5000 push ups in a week.

AaronF says: In The Expendables, the highlight for me was your fight with Jet Li. What was it like filming that and was Gunnar going to impale poor Yin, or was he really just trying to scare him?
It was fun to shoot it. It was hard work because we had Stallone, the stunt coordinator, Jet Li's coordinator, Jet Li and myself all involved in planning the fight, which made it more difficult because we had to do a lot of reshoots. But I think Gunnar was going to kill that guy, he'd had enough of his crap.

Steve Done says: Your version of the Punisher came several years before comic book movies took over the box office. Would you be willing to star in one now? I could see you being a great version of the Scorpion or Kraven the Hunter if they put either character in the new Spider-man films.
Yeah, why not? I don't know those two specific characters, but it'd be cool, why not? As long as they don't fly from building to building wearing tights, because I'm not into them. So not the Vulture.

brian says: Is there any truth in the story that some men broke into your house while your wife was home and you were out – but left when they realised whose house it was?
Yeah, there’s a little bit of truth in that. They stole a few things first. Then they gave a few things back and THEN they left.

Bring Out The Gimp says: In your opinion, who is the greatest actor of all time?
Oh shit, I don't know. There were probably some great actors I've never seen. But Marlon Brando was pretty good, always watchable I thought.

john matrix says: Hi Dolph! Do you think Arnie will ever make it into the White House?
I wouldn't count it out. They'd have to change that one rule, but they're talking about changing it. It'd be tough to do it in time for him. It’s part of the Constitution that the President has to be US-born, so it'd have to be done by a decision of Congress, so it's not easy. I think it has to be successive votes in successive Congresses too. But I think he's going to come back and make more movies, I think he has something going on in Hollywood.

mrpeterae says: Dolph, when and where were you happiest?
Let me see now. It would be in bed at some point. 12.42am?

The Dolph Lundgren Webchat Transcript

Deano101 says: How do you find working with Van Damme?
Well, interesting. Interesting.

Prowse says: Is it true you turned down the part of Ronald Neidermann in The Girl Who Played With Fire? What your thoughts on the David Fincher / Hollywood remake of the Millennium films?
No, we were talking to the producers but the problem is that the bad guys, one is older and one is younger. I liked that role, that guy who helps her and then turns out to be the bad guy. But that role is going to be played by Stellan Skarsgard in the new one and he looks older than me on film. I'm sure David Fincher is going to make a good movie but the original is hard to beat.

Steve Done says: Dolph, sorry to be a kiss ass, but thanks for 25 years of entertainment, from my childhood to my mid 30s. Here's to the next 25!
Thanks man, I like those sort of questions.

jim hoppa says: Hey Dolph! What to you is your single greatest achievement?
My family. And getting out of here.

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