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Jackass 3D (2010)
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Jackass 3D Webchat Transcript
Tremaine, Jonze and Knoxville are mad, bad and dangerous to know…

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Jackass, eh? What a load of naughty scoundrels they are, what? When we found out that director Jeff Tremaine, producer Spike Jonze, and star Johnny Knoxville were going to be descending on our offices for a webchat, we swiftly hid anything breakable, flammable or explosive – they managed to find the air bazooka and ornamental katana anyway – as well as answering a few questions. Oh, and they cut bits of each other’s hair off too, as well as thinking of porn versions of movie titles. All in a day’s work...

Jackass 3D Webchat Transcript

Slevin says: How many bones were broken during Jackass 3D?
Jeff Tremaine: 13? (whispers) I have no idea. We try to keep it to a minimum, but the guys get banged up, there's no way around that. Our friend Loomis got it worst. He broke his collarbone in three places and had to get surgery on his hand.

Spike Jonze: We had a new addition on this movie – an on-set medic. That was a new thing for us, it was like a revelation that we didn't have to go to the hospital and could do this here.

Tremaine: We also had a physical therapist for this one because our guys are old as shit.

Johnny Knoxville: For me personally, I had a concussion, a dislocated shoulder, stitches in my hand, whiplash, and my molar was knocked out by a dildo bazooka.

AngelinaJodie says: Is pain subjective?
Johnny Knoxville: It's not the result I'm going for, but it's part of the result we're going for, and I'm indifferent to that.

Jeff Tremaine: Pain doesn't seem to deter our group of idiots from being idiotic.

Knoxville: It's part of it... it's not something I spend a lot of time thinking about, you know?

keeks says: Did the insurance for this film make you faint at first?
Jeff Tremaine: A big portion of our budget goes to insurance, but we don't actually deal with it; we leave that to the number crunchers.

Johnny Knoxville: I don't get too caught up in the numbers, you know. I'm more worried about how to smoke myself with the guys...

Beth TS says: What’s the biggest prank you wanted to do but could never pull off or get permission to do?
Spike Jonze: That's one of our most popular questions, so you win a prize. We have four grapes here. That said, Buckingham Palace? We haven't got in there yet.

Jeff Tremaine: I won't say the idea, but we've been looking for a very reckless plastic surgeon for a while. We almost had one in India but he chickened out, so if anyone knows a good one, contact us.

Johnny Knoxville: Doesn't really work like that - if we want to do something, we go out and shoot it immediately. We're still looking for a couple of shady surgeons to this day...

Jackass 3D Webchat Transcript

AngelinaJodie says: What is the best pain relief?
Jeff Tremaine: Time off.

Johnny Knoxville: Booze helps.... booze and magical thinking. Also, what do you have?

gct1986 says: Have you ever done a Danny Glover and thought "I'm getting too old for this shit?”
Jeff Tremaine: Well, we do a lot of magical thinking...

Johnny Knoxville: Yeah, we've always been too old for this shit. But I did do Danny Glover once, I was young and I needed the money.

Tremaine: What these guys do does not require a lot of skill level. It requires either the bravery or stupidity to stand there and take what we throw at them.

Spike Jonze: That said, there is something funny in this movie with the guys being older, the time before they do a stunt – of them standing there looking worried and getting their nerves up – that’s a lot longer than it used to be, which adds to the humour of it.

PinkLightsaber says: Who is the craziest member of the Jackass team?
Jeff Tremaine: Right now it's Pontius, for all the wrong reasons.

Johnny Knoxville: I don't know man, different days, different days, they all can be a problem. Right now it's Pontius (who is a BIG COCK) for sure.

Slevin says: Was there a stunt planned for this movie that any of the Jackasses refused to do? If so, for what reason?
Johnny Knoxville: We've got nine guys, someone will fucking do it.

Jeff Tremaine: We find a way to get every idea we want done, by any means necessary.

Spike Jonze: And if that doesn't work, then Ehren (McGhehey) will do it.

Knoxville: Also, manipulation, bullying... that always works.

DaveJames says: Hey Johnny, how did you get involved with Jackass? Was it a long term career goal to hurt yourself for the amusement of others?
Johnny Knoxville: Man, Jeff was the editor of a skateboard magazine called Big Brother – and most of the cast and a lot of the crew came out of there. I went to them with an article on self-defence equipment and he convinced me to film the article as well – and it went in one of their skateboard videos. Then it kind of came out of those skateboard videos and Spike came on board and then we reached out to Bam and his crew on the East Coast. That's kind of how it started.

Beth TS says: there have been a few copycat shows since Jackass, are there any you like to watch?
Jeff Tremaine: We've become friends with The Dudesons and we actually produce their show in the U.S. And the Nitro Circus is similar in spirit to Jackass, and we also produced their show with them, although Nitro's stunts were designed to succeed whereas Jackass stunts were always designed to fail.

Johnny Knoxville: We don't like to call them 'copycats' really, but we really like the Dudesons and the Nitro Circus guys - we actually produced two shows with them in the U.S.

takerdemon says: Would you have nixed a Mel Gibson cameo had the chance arisen to have him in?
Jeff Tremaine: For us, cameos have to happen very naturally - we don't really go out of our way to seek people we don't know, unless they have an exceptional talent. Acting doesn't count for us.

Spike Jonze: This guy Will can fart on command, so even though we didn't know him we thought he'd fit in well.

Tremaine: And we hired two very talented American football players and used their skills for all they were worth to demolish Knoxville and Preston.

Hatsoncats says: Spike, do you ever consider doing more acting? You were great in Three Kings.
Spike Jonze: I would, for sure. I had a small cameo in David Cross' show The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret.

Jackass 3D Webchat Transcript

dunkah says: you guys have wholly embraced 3D in this movie. Are there any plans to experiment with other innovations such as mo-cap?
Jeff Tremaine: We loved shooting in 3D, we had a great experience with it.

Johnny Knoxville: We did do a motion capture with our video game a few years ago, and just like with 3D, we were doing as ludicrous things as possible with motion capture – such as putting the dots on Pontius' cock. You know.

Beth TS says: Was your planning for part three made difficult in having it shot in 3D? Did it mean some good ideas were thrown out because they would not be good in the third dimension?
Spike Jonze: No, we shot everything so it would work in 2D, but as we went along we got much more used to 3D and found more ideas that would work for it.

Johnny Knoxville: It had to be funny in 2D first, that was the rule. The opening and close were specifically shot for 3D – and there were some other bits, but it all had to be funny in 2D, you know...

pexy says: Would you ever consider a 'live' show?
Johnny Knoxville: Nah... I don't think it works. Steve-O used to have a live show, but boy was it a trainwreck.

Spike Jonze: Probably a musical. I think Knoxville has a hankering to do some singing and dancing. Last night as soon as we landed at Heathrow Knoxville did a number while we were waiting for our baggage.

freddyboi13 says: Have you arranged for a special screening for James Cameron yet?
Jeff Tremaine: I think we tried.

Spike Jonze: I bet he'd like it.

Tremaine: He'd like it because we shot in 3D, anyway. It was shot with the best 3D cameras available, so he would like it for that alone.

Jonze: We had custom cameras made for the opening and closing. We had Phantom 3D cameras made that shoot a thousand frames a second.

Knoxville: Yeah, he'd respect the 3D we've got.

Jackass 3D Webchat Transcript

Dan Fellows says: Is this gonna be the end of Jackass for you guys, or are you planning to take the 3D thing any further?
Johnny Knoxville: We shoot every one like it's our last -- we said we were done after the first two, and here we are promoting the third one. So we're the wrong guys to ask.

olilyttelton says: Spike, is there any news on when the Arcade Fire short will see the light of day?
Spike Jonze: I'm not sure.

Jeff Tremaine: I have a question for Spike. Arty farty arty farty arty farty?

Jonze: Jeff Tremaine is a professional bully. That's why he's such a good director for the Jackass movies. He can bully anyone into doing anything. I've known him since I was 12, and he's been the exact same since back then. And to answer your question Jeff, yes, big time.

Beth TS says: Where’s the one place on earth you would like to go to film some stunts for Jackass most?
Johnny Knoxville: I don't know, we can shoot them anywhere - we do usually shoot in locations that have our favourite bars in them.

Jeff Tremaine: We always get good footage in Mianus.

Knoxville: Also, in Fuck in Austria, and Crappo in Maryland, Gayville - we shoot there constantly. We set up our whole production in Gayville. By the way (checks iPhone), in Buttsville it's a high of 51 today, mainly cloudy.

Spike Jonze: I have a question for Jeff. You're an artist now, I heard, because you screened this movie at MoMA last month. How does it feel to be such a renowned...

Knoxville: DOUCHE!? (Johnny is now going through the 1001 Best Movie Book and is swapping movie names with porn movie names: "Rear Window doesn't even need to be changed! Guy Noon! Fill Bill! Eat Me In St. Louis! All About Steve!")

Tremaine: The ridiculousness of us screening Jackass 3D in the Museum of Modern Art New York is not lost on me; however I proudly accept the title of ‘Bigtime Artist.’

Odddaze: Who makes you laugh?
Spike Jonze: Zach Galifianakis, who else?

Jeff Tremaine: No-one makes me laugh harder than the Jackass guys.

IamIan: We've all heard from Steve-O on shooting the film sober but how was it for you working with the new sober Steve-O?
Johnny Knoxville: Steve-O - it's his best movie. He's such a different person now. He took to being sober like he took to drugs and alcohol.

Jeff Tremaine: Steve-O was super-clear this movie, and did the best job he's ever done. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him on this one.

Spike Jonze: He was kinda the MVP on this movie.

Tremaine: He was more enthusiastic about doing stunts than ever.

Jonze: He also looked good, he looked happy and healthy and was very positive on the set.

Not exactly a question but I just wanted to say that Bjork's "It's Oh So Quiet" music video (directed by Spike) is the best music video ever!
Johnny Knoxville: I love that video too.

Spike Jonze: Thank you Odddaze.

Jeff Tremaine: I have a question for Spike! What is your favourite video you've done?

Jonze: Um, I don't know if I have a favourite one. I really have to pick one?

Tremaine: Or a The one with you dancing, come on.

Jonze: I kind of... You know how you like everything you do? I'm kinda like that, I like a lot of them.

Tremaine: This happened to Spike yesterday during an interview. A reporter asked him "How are you able to make such smart, clever arty films, and then Jackass simultaneously?" Spike's answer was "Sometimes I have to poopoo, and sometimes I have to peepee."

Jackass 3D Webchat Transcript

Jiggy47: Are there any rules on the Jackass set? Or does anything go?
Johnny Knoxville: I don't know if there are any fucking rules man. It's chaos.

Spike Jonze: The rules are more if it feels good and right and everyone's having fun, then we do it. It's a movie that's driven by having the right spirit on set, and if that's not there then we don't do the movie.

gct1986: When you started making Jackass, did you expect it to become as popular as it has?
Johnny Knoxville: No, we didn't even think it was going to be able to make it onto TV. Once it got on TV, we didn't think it would be there for long - and it wasn't, I quit after nine months.

Spike Jonze: Hell no. We thought we'd be off the air in six months. We thought we were getting away with murder just getting on air at all.

Wee Bam: Where do you guys see yourselves in ten years?
Spike Jonze: What's the regular job interview answer to that? Working at this company!

Johnny Knoxville: We don't look too far in the future in our line of business...

Jeff Tremaine: Man, a lot could happen to us in ten years. I would never dare to predict where the next ten's going.

NashTK421: Any moments in the new movie that might make me hurl?
Jeff Tremaine: There's three. The poocano, the sweat suit cocktail and the poococktail supreme.

Spike Jonze: We have two delicious cocktails for you to enjoy.

Chris: For each of you, which has been your favourite stunt in Jackass history?
Spike Jonze: One of my favourites is Terror Taxi, where Aaron thought he was pranking a cab, but the whole prank was on him. I was astounded at how far it went. He actually got in a trunk at gun point in a taxi cab.

Johnny Knoxville: Also Ryan (Dunn) getting a toy car up his ass, and getting an X-Ray - my favourite in this movie is the high five and the parachute portapotty.

uranus101: At what point did you guys feel really famous: when the show first aired? Or when the film came out?
Jeff Tremaine: My big moment, and it wasn't my fame, but right when we started airing and I saw Chris Pontius' bare ass running down the street, I thought, "My god, that's my friend on national TV and I made that happen." That was a real moment for me.

Spike Jonze: And then a Doritos commercial came on right after it.

Johnny Knoxville: Maybe for me it was the cover of Rolling Stone, that was tough to get my head around.

Jonze: That was pretty crazy. That was wild. Because really up until the day it came out, we were just doing this in a room with a small group of friends, and the day that came out it all changed overnight. It's still done the same way.

Knoxville: We still do it the same way we did it back then - it was just more private then. Up until that point, Jackass just belonged to us. Now people in the street come up to me - they come up and want me to kick them in the nuts or me to kick them in the nuts.

Tremaine: And it usually has something to do with nuts.

Jonze: I don't think that happens to Clint Eastwood.

Knoxville: He's the toughest man on the planet.

Tom Duke: Johnny, where would you rather live: on the island with the Wild Things, or inside John Malkovich's head?
Johnny Knoxville: I am a big fan of John Malkovich but I think I would rather live with the Wild Things.

Spike Jonze: Aw, so sweet.

Jackass 3D Webchat Transcript

What do you think of the Welsh version of you - Dirty Sanchez?
Jeff Tremaine: I haven't seen it.

Spike Jonze: Word from the curly haired guy at Empire is that it's good.

Spike, I heard it's you getting hit by a car in the Depeche Mode video
Spike Jonze: That is true. That's always been my real ambition, to be a stuntman, so whenever I get the chance I jump into oncoming traffic.

Jeff Tremaine: Spike's in the opening sequence in the new Jackass 3D movie, and he takes a paintball right in the nut.

Jonze: That's true. In 3D, too.

Tremaine: We had a stuntman who advised us on a few things in this movie, and he said there isn't enough money to pay me to do what Knoxville is doing.

Johnny Knoxville: Hey, stuntmen aren't in awe of me, but when I'm doing a regular movie, they do let me sit at their table during lunch. And that makes me feel pretty good.

Wee Bam says: What's your current favourite toy / gadget?
Johnny Knoxville: I just got a pen that shoots pictures and video - but I don't know how to use it yet.

Spike Jonze: Knoxville has the worst problem with buying gadgets. Any one he hears about or sees, he'll buy. You know how you look through the sky mall catalogue on planes and wonder who buys this shit? Knoxville keeps them in business.

Knoxville: Actually my new favourite gadget is whatever new digital camera Spike gets, as I immediately have to get it, so I think sometimes it drives my wife nuts. She asks Spike to stop telling me about cameras now.

ThomHave says: Mr. Jonze, in WTWTA, why were all the monsters so miserable? I didn't understand!
Spike Jonze: I dunno.

Jeff Tremaine: Great answer Spike. You could say the same thing about Jackass, actually.

ThomHave says: Ever done anything with Great White Sharks?
Johnny Knoxville: On Wild Boys, Steve-O and Pontius jumped on one...

Jeff Tremaine: We had a great white shark idea; we just didn't get around to shooting it. We will.

johnnyshalala says: Spike, are you working on another feature at the moment? Would you ever work with Charlie Kaufman again?
Spike Jonze: Yes to both. We're starting to write something and at some point I'm sure that Charlie and I will do something together again. He's a much better writer than Jeff Tremaine. Sorry, Jeff.

Jeff Tremaine: That's hard to argue.

Beth TS says: what are your favourite films of all time?
Jeff Tremaine: Starting with Being John Malkovich, then it would be Adaptation, then lastly Where The Wild Things Are.

Spike Jonze: You did them in order?

Johnny Knoxville: Well... probably something like The French Erection, The Jizz Singer, Harold and Todd, Planet Of The Gapes. In that order.

Tremaine: In general I don't like gay porn, but I think I could sit through the whole of Planet of the Gapes.

nicole. says: Johnny, what on earth inspired you to do 'Bad Grandpa' and how old was that kid with you?
Johnny Knoxville: In the second movie, the kid was probably ten or so. His name is Slater and he's a friend of my daughter’s. We'd hired a kid actor to play the part and he got scared when we tried to shoot. And at that point we had to call Slater because he'd be able to do it. And he was great.

Dancingclown says: What do you guys think are the greatest movie stunts ever (apart from the ones that you've done)?
Jeff Tremaine: Like Knoxville said earlier, and it's true, we're in awe of great stuntmen. We put them in a very high category and are big fans. There was one stunt, I think in Man With The Golden Gun, where the car does a kick-flip and corkscrews. That’s amazing.

Johnny Knoxville: The car crash in Adaptation... that was so fucking jarring. Dan Bradley co-ordinated that stunt, and it's brilliant.

Spike Jonze: Dan Bradley did a video for our friend's band Wax, and he ran down the street on fire for a long time. Dan just directed his first movie, a remake of Red Dawn.

Tom Duke says: Spike, please tell us something about Christopher Walken that we don't know.
Spike Jonze: You know what, right after we did that video we met at a movie premiere in New York and Muhammad Ali sat down in front of us, and Chris was suddenly like a ten year-old kid meeting his idol. He was so respectful. It was pretty amazing.

lendmeyoureyes says: Any epic cameos we should watch out for in Jackass 3D?
Johnny Knoxville: Seann William Scott, and Jared Allen of the Minnesota Vikings (a 6’ 6” American footballer). (At this point, Jeff is using our boss' ornamental katana to try to cut off one of Spike's fingers.)

Spike Jonze: You cutting off my fingers would be such a bummer. I would always remember Empire magazine.

Jeff Tremaine: Fingers really hurt, though.

Jonze: And toes.

Knoxville: (Johnny himself typing): Prolly the best story we have about a cameo is Will Oldham. He and his father were big fans and one of the ways they bonded was by watching Jackass. It kinda blew our minds because we didn’t realise someone that smart liked our stuff. Anyway, unfortunately his father passed away a couple of years ago and one of the ways will thought he could pay homage to him was by being in jackass 3D. So he reached out to one of our cameramen, Lance Bangs, and asked to get in touch with us. Lance said sure but he had to write a song about Lance's life first... and he did. A really wonderful touching song and so Lance put Will in touch with us. We are big Will Oldham fans and were thrilled to have him in the film.

ThomHave says: You guys like any British comedy?
Jeff Tremaine: I love The Office.

Spike Jonze: The British Office is incredible, Extras also. I love everything Ricky Gervais does. I love on his DVD extras where he torments his editor, and he tapes shoeboxes to his head when he's working.

Tremaine: It's so fun to torment editors. The original Ali G show was excellent too.

Jonze: Mighty Boosh, of course Monty Python.

Tremaine: ... and Benny Hill.

ThomHave says: Why are there no female Jackassers?
Jeff Tremaine: We didn't have a girl in our group who was outrageous, plus we're only comfortable objectifying the male form. By the way, April Margera is a female, so there.

Spike Jonze: The way Jackass came together and happened was us and all our friends; we never cast for it.

nodeath says: What was the first thing you shot with MTV’s money?
Jeff Tremaine: The poo cocktail was the first thing we ever shot with MTV's money.

Spike Jonze: But ten years later we took it to a whole new level. But that was just behind a garbage truck. This time we hooked it up to bungee cords that were hooked up to cranes 150 feet up in the air, and Jeff being the visionary director that he is put cameras inside the portajohn… So when the portajohn reaches its apex, the poo becomes weightless, and we have one of the most beautiful 3D zero gravity poo shots ever.

Tremaine: I know James Cameron is not trying to claim that. I know he'd let us have that one.

Danny Knox says: Jeff, did you get pranked during the making of the movie?
Jeff Tremaine: I got peed on and I got Rocky-ed. They're constantly coming after me, and I have ingested a lot of their urine, and not by choice.

Hatsoncats says: Would you ever consider doing a scripted movie?
Spike Jonze: Jeff Tremaine will. Knoxville has. What kind of scripted movie should Jeff do?

Jeff Tremaine: ... and Spike's switching over to only do reality movie. Look out for his Jersey Shore: The Movie.

cfairy says: Do you love it or hate it when Brits pronounce it 'Jack-arse'?
Johnny Knoxville: Love it!

Jeff Tremaine: Love it!

Spike Jonze: It's splendid!

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