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Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Webchat
Wright! Routh! Culkin! Winstead! Wong! Bhahba! Some questions!

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It's Scott Pilgrim vs the web as Edgar Wright and his crew descended on Empire HQ and, well, pretty much took the place over. Kieran Culkin and Satya Bhahba has a wasabi pea battle, Ellen Wong played Hungry Hungry Hippos and Brandon Routh just look generally swoonsome and buff. Amid the carnage they answered your questions on Scott, superheroes and sandwiches (sadly in the chaos and due to an unknown technical glitch, Wong and Bhahba's answers went the way of the peas). Scroll below for all your Pilgrim needs...

Oli Pine: What were your fave video games growing up? And Edgar, did it feel weird seeing yourself as a character in the SP Game?
Edgar Wright: My fave games growing up were some ZX Spectrum classics such as Knight Lore and Quazatron. And I love my avatar in the Ubisoft game.

darko18: Who's your favourite Mortal Kombat character?
Edgar Wright: Rayden, for his hat.

Holly: Edgar, what's your opinion on the new 3D movie fad?
Edgar Wright: Don't mind it if it's shot in 3D; not sure about converted.

SpaceCowboy: At the end of credits it mentions ‘Michelle the Dog Pope’. What/who the heck is it?
Edgar Wright: Michelle was Bill Pope's dog, very sadly no longer with us. She was a very great personality on set.

Mike: Had everyone read the comics before filming?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I had not. I was introduced to them through Edgar and once I read them I totally fell in love with them.

Rgirvan44: This one is to each of the cast. Do you each have a favourite song from the soundtrack?
Brandon Routh: I like the Frank Black song, though I don't know what it's called! It might be called ‘I heard Ramona Sing’.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: That's so hard. It kind of changes the more I listen to it. Black Sheep was my favourite for a really long time but now I'm loving basically anything by Beck, especially Threshold.

Kieran Culkin: Also, We Are Sex Bob-omb

Edgar Wright: I like Teenage Dream by T-Rex.

da_bill: Hi guys! What was it about the movie that made you want to get on board?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Initially, just the fact that Edgar was involved with it. And then evey other aspect was so amazing that you couldn't not be dying to be a part of it.

Mattcop: How many evil exes have you had destroyed?
Edgar Wright: I have a bunch of nice exes, which would make for a very boring film. Edgar Wright Vs. The World would consist of running into old girlfriends and making promises to have coffees that never come into fruition.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: None really. I know that’s a boring answer.

Charly: What was your most memorable line?
Kieran Culkin: “Evil Ex Fight. Now!” That's my favourite line.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: For some reason the one that sticks out for a lot of people is, “I’ve dabbled in being a bitch.”

Brandon Routh: "I had to pee on her.” Scott's line, but I love it.

dhrupick: Favourite films of this year so far?
Kieran Culkin: SCOTT PILGRIM!

Edgar Wright: Inception, Toy Story 3, How To Train Your Dragon, MacGruber, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Four Lions.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I have spent so much time seeing Scott Pilgrim, which I'm sure would be one of my favourite films if I wasn't in it. It is one of my favourite films, but I'm probably not allowed to say that! But I haven't seen Inception and Toy Story 3 yet, which are the two that I've been waiting to see before I make my favourite list.

Brandon Routh: Toy Story 3, Inception... there has to be more, but I can't think of them!

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Webchat

Mell61: Edgar, given unlimited budget and cast, what would be your dream remake?
Edgar Wright: Somebody’s already doing The Black Hole, so I can’t do that. How about Ricky-Oh: The Story Of Riki?

dhrupick: Which volume of the Scott Pilgrim comic books is your favourite?
Edgar Wright: I like volume four the best. Roxy is badass.

Brandon Routh: Three, because I'm in it.

Kieran Culkin: I do not know... the one where it explains the backstory of Scott and Kim Pine.

Oscar Harding: Mary Elizabeth – what can you tell us about the Thing prequel?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: It's a prequel to the John Carpenter version. It takes place at the Norwegian base so it takes place at the same time and in the same world as the John Carpenter version, but with completely different characters and therefore with a very different dynamic.

JamesMM: This is to any of the cast. What are your guilty pleasure films?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Probably Showgirls! The first time I watched that I laughed so hysterically that it quickly became a guilty pleasure.

Edgar Wright: I love The Apple. It is perhaps the greatest movie-musical of our time.

Brandon Routh: My favourite film is now a guilty pleasure – because it’s a Mel Gibson film – but it’s Braveheart. I like Love Actually for a feel-good movie.

Unclesi: Are there any lines that are shouted at you on the street? If so, which ones?
Edgar Wright: Rolf Harris Two, just be yourself.

Oscar Harding: Edgar, any update on The World's End?
Edgar Wright: We hope to start writing it later this year.

superchocolaterob: Was Michael Cera always your first choice to play Scott or did anyone else enter the equation?
Edgar Wright: No, there was no other choice for me for Scott Pilgrim. He was the first and only choice.

Robzilla: Brandon, is it true you are a massive game geek and so got excited by that element of film?
Brandon Routh: Yes.

AndyG: How fed up are you all of answering the same questions in interviews?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: It's actually not as bad as it seems because this film is actually so fun to talk about and the people interviewing us are actually interested and enthusiastic about the movie, which makes it a lot less of a tedious task.

Edgar Wright: The press tour has been short but intense, so it hasn’t been as bad as the Hot Fuzz tour, which lasted about six months. I haven’t been asked, “You've done zombies, you've done cops. What's next?”

Ghrite: Did anybody get injured during any of the stunts done in the film?
Edgar Wright: Michael got punched in the head and kicked in the throat, and I saw a stunt man get his tooth knocked out by a katana at one point. That was a sound I won't forget in a hurry. We then had to find his tooth on the floor, in the middle of a pile of coins.

Brandon Routh: I didn’t really have any stunts, though I did do my own bass playing! I learnt it for the movie. I’d like to keep it up, I don’t play enough music.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Webchat

badabing: Was the bit of music over the start of the Lucas Lee fight taken from The Warriors?
Edgar Wright: It’s a homage to Barry DeVorzon’s score by Nigel Godrich. We are big Warriors fans.

Oscar Harding: Mary Elizabeth, who would win in a fight, Edgar or Tarantino?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I think they're both equally matched as far as energy goes. Quentin's go the height but Edgar has the speed – I think it's a crapshoot.

Miles Messervy 007: Question for everyone. Was the atmosphere on the set any different from other movies you've done so far?
Edgar Wright: It was a really fun atmosphere for me because the cast were so amazing and like a big bunch of kids. Because they are a big bunch of kids. Also, after Hot Fuzz where I was the youngest on set, now I was older than all the cast and it felt like it could have been a remake of Logan's Run.

AshFoo: To the cast – were you able to get on together? From what I saw, you all looked as though you’d become best of friends.
Brandon Routh: It’s true, we have become a big Scott Pilgrim family.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Yes, we had a couple of months fight training and rehearsing before shooting, which was a great way to get to know each other and bond. So, yes, I feel like we’ve all made some lasting friendships.

Ethan Hunt: Mary Elizabeth, would you return for Die Hard 5?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: No-one has asked me to as yet. But of course I would be happy to be a part of that franchise again.

sowasred2012: Brandon, do you play Alliance or Horde?
Brandon Routh: Alliance. Paladin. Druid. Priest.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Webchat

Costigan74: Brandon, Justin Long is in London right now. You’ll call him right? Tell me you’ll call him?
Brandon Routh: Oh, he’s doing press for his movie? I want to see that! Maybe I will… but we still have issues (laughs).

paul_ie86: Kieran, is Michael Cera totally your bitch forever?
Kieran Culkin: Yes. Oh baby, yes.

kellyjo562: For everyone – what is your favorite type of sandwich?
Kieran Culkin: BLT, no mayo.

Edgar Wright: I like a cheese and jam sandwich. Controversial! Raspberry jam and Red Leicester.

Brandon Routh: Wow... I like roast beef with like a cranberry chutney. And somekind of cheese, like a... white cheese. Brie! Toasted bread.

SandieWrighto: Edgar – having been privileged enough to see Rolf Harris Saves The World, and the superior sequel Rolf Harris 2: The Bearded One. When can we expect the trilogy to be rounded off?
Edgar Wright: The Rolf Harris trilogy will be rounded off in 2012, with the epic Rolf Harris With A Vengeance.

Big Screen Little Screen: Edgar, what was it like working on a larger scale production than your previous films. Did you find it daunting or challenging in any ways?
Edgar Wright: It was challenging in terms of the complexity of the scenes, but it was no less challenging than doing a low-budget film. If anything, I felt more pressure on Shaun Of The Dead.

Oli Pine: Todd vs Clark? Who wins?
Brandon Routh: Todd vs Clark! Are we saying Clark without superpowers? Without superpowers he'd lose to Todd, but maybe he could outwit him...

acecore: Edgar, was Bryan Lee O'Malley consulted much during the film or did you read the cmics and pretty much know how it would look?
Edgar Wright: Bryan was involved all the way through the process. He is the anti-Alan Moore.

LeonardShelby: To Edgar – what's your favourite comic book movie?
Edgar Wright: Danger: Diabolik or Spider-Man 2

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Webchat

dhrupick: In reality could Michael Cera actually beat anyone in a fight?
Brandon Routh: Anyone? Oh yes. Just not me.

Kieran Culkin: Actually I bet he'd take you down, Brandon.

Brandon Routh: Maybe if I was really drunk he could take me down.

Edgar Wright: Michael Cera could totally kick Jesse Eisenberg's arse.

darko18: A journalist called Scott Pilgrim "Twilight for guys" – what do you think of that ridiculous statement?
Edgar Wright: I think there's a distinct lack of werewolves with muffins in our films.

Brandon Routh: I am offended. This is much better movie. And much less overly-weepy and dramatic. This is a cinematic breakthrough.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I think it's a little silly. I don't think there's much of a comparison between the films other than they're both love stories.

Mike: To Edgar – how long did it take to add all the visual overlays, etc.?
Edgar Wright: The editing was at least a year's work. It was like making an animated movie.

Big Screen Little Screen: Edgar, you mentioned that filming Scott Pilgrim was like filming a musical. Would you ever consider filming a musical?
Edgar Wright: Yeah, I would. I really liked doing the musical sequences, and I'm a big Busby Berkeley fan.

Robjcross: Edgar, you have Captain America, Superman and The Punisher in the same movie. Does that make Scott Pilgrim bigger than The Avengers?
Edgar Wright: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World already has more heroes than The Avengers. You can add the Human Torch.

DenisGleeson: To all of you – what director/actor would you like to collaborate with in the future?
Edgar Wright: Clint Eastwood, before it's too late.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I'm a huge Paul Thomas Anderson fan. So he'd be my number one choice.

leahgrrl: Edgar, what was it like being older than the cast for a change?
Edgar Wright: It was a little bemusing after Hot Fuzz, but I hope I was more of a cool older brother than a creepy uncle.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Webchat

Robzilla: Considering the reviews and box office, do you think that you might have a geniune cult classic on your hands?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I hope so. I think that this could definitely be a film that people are still talking about years from now. It's pretty amazing to be involved in something that will be remembered long after this moment in time.

Brandon Routh: I don't really know what defines a cult classic necessarily, but it does feel like that kind of film, though I trust in time that it will reach more audiences, because it is that fantastic.

Edgar Wright: People seem to be really responding to it and that’s extremely gratifying. I’ve heard reports of people seeing it seven times since it was released last weekend. I would hope that it holds up to multiple viewings.

Mike91: Mary Elizabeth, I'm a fan of your films, but which was your favourite to make out of Die Hard 4, Final Destination 3 or Death Proof?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Death Proof was the most fun and also possibly the most rewarding because I got to work with one of my favourite filmmakers.

GuitarGal_China: Mary Elizabeth, just wanted to know what happened to Lee in Death Proof because I was hoping for an extra scene that didn’t happen?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: We joked about several possible outcomes for her, like possibly doing a whole revenge film based on her character and the hillbilly, but I think it was all just in fun and the actual reality is a mystery.

m365d: Edgar, just how much coffee do you drink per day?
Edgar Wright: Way too much. I need to cut down on the double espressos.

Oscar Harding: Question to all except Edgar – have you tried an Edgar Wrightini?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I don't think I have. I have heard of this drink though and I hope to try it one day.

Kieran Culkin: I have not tried it!

wormtailsthedrug: Brandon, are you really a vegan?
Brandon Routh: No. But I do eat vegan meals sometimes. I feel better after eating a vegan meal. I feel more healthy so my body likes it.

m365d: Edgar, when you've finished your Blood & Ice Cream trilogy, is there any chance of including A Fistfull Of Fingers as a bonus on the inevitable boxset?
Edgar Wright: Maybe someday A Fistful of Fingers will be released on DVD, hopefully with lots and lots of bonus features. The footage that Joe Cornish showed at the BFI last night was the first time I've seen anything of it in 15 years. Fact!

MovieJunkie: To Mr. Edgar Wright – where you happy to be able to film in Toronto instead of LA covered in fake snow? And what was filming in Toronto like?
Edgar Wright: Shooting in Toronto was fantastic. It's such a beautiful city and it was a really great environment to film.

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Webchat

wormtailsthedrug: What’s the weirdest response you've had to the movie from a fan?
Kieran Culkin: I've gotten a lot of hugs, but I wouldn't say that's weird.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I had a fan at Comic-Con tell me that I was Aubrey Plaza. She got very upset when I tried to tell her I was Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

gabrocks: Edgar, how many hours on average have you been able to sleep a night since Comic-Con?
Edgar Wright: I look forward to the day I can get more than 6 hours sleep. It may be next Tuesday.

lildarlinjay: For Kieran Culkin – who would you like to have seen Wallace battle? I think a Wallace vs Todd battle of the wits would've been fun.
Kieran Culkin: He would have been destroyed. Todd would have been dead on arrival.

Brandon Routh: He would have self-combusted.

LostTambo: Mary Elizabeth, what was your favourite sceen to film and why?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I think the most fun and most rewarding scene was my fight scene with Mae Whitman.

Allan with two ls: Mary Elizabeth, is your hair ruined now due to so much dye or were they wigs?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: They were wigs, so thankfully I’m not bald as a result.

Robzilla: What would be the ultimate Scott Pilgrim Vs. ... spinoff?
Brandon Routh: Um... Vs. Todd Ingram.

Edgar Wright: Scott Pilgrim Vs. Kramer.

Kieran Culkin: For spinoffs, I think Orson Welles And The Infinite Awesomeness would be best.

FutureEvilEx: What’s your favourite television show at the moment?
Edgar Wright: 30 Rock, Charlie Brooker's Newswipe, Party Down and the amazing Harry Hill's TV Burp.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: To throw out a British show that I was watching recently and I really loved: The Inbetweeners.

GraemeKilcommins: Edgar, you say Raising Arizona is one of your favourite films, but have you ever met the Coen Brothers?
Edgar Wright: Yes, I have. I am a huge fan of theirs and I was very pleased that they loved Hot Fuzz. Joel Coen once said to me, "How many fuckin' shots are in Hot Fuzz? It's insane!" That was a proud moment.

FutureEvilEx: Brandon, are we likely to see you return for Man Of Steel? Ps you were great in Returns.
Brandon Routh: Thank you. We will see! I would love to return, again.

DaveyMac: Was it intentional that Edgar cast you as the character with powers most similar to Superman? Thinking of the anti-vegan ray as your weakness.
Brandon Routh: Yes, that was a big part of it. He liked the idea of the opposite being played.

MovieJunkie: To all the cast – have you seen Spaced and what do you think of the comparisons between Scott Pilgrim and that?
Brandon Routh: Yes, I have seen Spaced, and I think it's appropriate. I think Scott Pilgrim is Spaced on crack.

sorryindy: Does Anna Kendrick always speak as quickly as she does on screen? Is she the Murray Walker of the film world?
Edgar Wright: Anna Kendrick has the superpower of speaking very fast. She is a screwball machine gun.

Brandon Routh: No, FASTER. (Just kidding)

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Webchat

powmingo: Have you ever walked out of a film and if so which one?
Kieran Culkin: Battlefield Earth – that's the only one

Brandon Routh: Ultraviolet, though I should have walked out of Battlefield Earth. We walked out of Ultraviolet, and I got my money back.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: I don't think I have. I think I'd still rather sit though a bad move if I don't have anything else to do.

Edgar Wright: The only film I've ever walked out of was Stormbreaker, and I was only watching it because there was a powercut in the Hot Fuzz edit. When I got a text that the power was back on in the Avid, I had to leave. As a rule, I never walk out of films. Even really, really bad ones.

Brandon Routh: But I like Milla Jovovich...

Unclesi: Are there any lines that are shouted at you on the street? If so, which ones?
Edgar Wright: People don’t shout at me but I’ve heard people quoting “Jerky jerk” and “Bread makes you FAT?”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Not yet. I think it’s a little soon for that. Hopefully one day.

Brandon Routh: My mum quoted on her Facebook, “No Scott, the other ‘L’ word”. She put it there for the whole world to see...

Dirty Hartigan: Hi Edgar. Bit of an odd question but was the Speed Racer movie an influence on Pilgrim at all?
Edgar Wright: Not really. If anything, it convinced me to go as far away from green screen as possible, although I do like some sections of that film.

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