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Danny Boyle steps into our hotseat
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13 November 2015
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Danny Boyle Webchat: The Transcript
Missed the event? Read all about it here…

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funkybuda asks: If you could add one film to your CV, classic or otherwise, what would it be? Star Wars?
(Laughs) It would be like Memento, or 24 Hour Party People. You very rarely feel jealous of someone else making a movie, but those are two cases where I was green with envy.

Danny Boyle Webchat: The Transcript
It's time I did a film with a woman as the central character. It's the only way I'll ever get one of my films on the cover of Empire.

blackmores hat asks: Can I ask what’s the state of play on Porno?
Just waiting for the original actors to age. Help them if you can. Take them out drinking – get them away from the spas and those moisturisers.

Scottycent1234 asks: Hi Danny, I’m at the Northern Film School in Leeds. How can I convince you to be a guest lecturer? I’ve got seventeen pence and a Revel, which could be coffee; I’m not taking any chances
I like the toffee Revels myself. And it's very difficult for a Lancashire man to cross the border. But I'll try.

Adrian asks: Danny, what attracts you to a new subject? Is it the material, the opportunity to tackle a new genre or a bit from column A and a bit from column B?
It's the story. It doesn't necessarily have to feel like it's going to work for everyone. Sometimes you read scripts, especially from America, that you know will be a hit but you don't feel any connection to them at all. It’s the story that works for you.

Doctor Batman asks: Burton has Depp, Ford Coppola had Brando, Scorsese has DeNiro... who would you consider to be your paramount actor? Rob Carlyle? Ewan McGregor? Dev Patel?
Pass. However, it's time I did a film with a woman as the central character. It's the only way I'll ever get one of my films on the cover of Empire.

Bridget16 asks: Big fan of yours in the US. Any chance of basing any upcoming projects here?
I'd love to make a film in New York one day, like anyone really. It's one of those maximum cities, like Mumbai, that are open doors to film directors.

Slickboy asks: Who is your ideal woman then? (in actress terms)...
(Laughs) Well, Freida Pinto of course. And also Kelly Macdonald. Kerry Fox. Cameron Diaz. Michelle Yeoh. Naomie Harris. Etcetera.

Beetlejuice asks: What's been your fave location so far? Surely the beach used in The Beach?
No! The Juhu slum in Mumbai.

Adam G asks: Obviously, a lot of people will ask you what your influences and favourite films are in interviews. However, I have to ask out of morbid curiosity – what is the worst film you have ever seen?
Apart from Judge Dredd? I'm too diplomatic to answer that question.

the kevmiester asks: Have you forgiven Empire for only giving Sunshine 4 stars yet?
Actually, I'm not counting... but to have got three 5-star reviews from this magazine is very special for me. It allows me forgive their other mistakes. Star Wars, things like that...

Dick Darlington asks: Hi Danny, what do you think of the current British Film industry, the type of movies being made?
I almost just bought Mum & Dad, and I will do on its next markdown at HMV. That's the kind of micro-budget film we will see a lot more of soon. And I hear it's quite good. (Looks in HMV bag next to him) I did actually buy Come And See, Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance and 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days.

PaulD asks: Have you ever made a film and so many years later said to yourself that you could have improved certain things in them?
Oh, all of them. You never really finish a film satisfactorily. You're always dragged away. The more unsatisfied you feel with what you've done, the better the film.

Adam G asks: As a New Zealander (who's up at 2am for this), and knowing you've worked with NZers before (Cliff Curtis, Kerry Fox) is there any chance of you coming down to our neck of the woods to work?
I would love to come to New Zealand. To buy up some Lord Of The Rings paraphernalia for the Empire staff. (Laughs)

blackmores hat asks: What is you all time favourite band?
Oh, The Clash.

Kinema asks: What do you think of the Asian Film Industry, mainly South Korea and Hong Kong? A lot of South Korean movies are being made into US Remakes. Would you ever consider remaking a good South Korean movie, maybe OLDBOY?
Seriously, I was just asked to do a remake of Lady Vengeance, the one after Oldboy. My favourite is Audition.

rpem asks: Hi Danny, just wondering if you have some advice for aspiring filmmakers over here in the UK? What's your advice on starting out? A self funded short film? Networking? Work experience? Thanks.
There's no magic door. You do it your own way but just do it passionately – obsessively – and you'll be okay.

*kath* asks: Danny, I was just wondering, music feels as important as the visuals in some parts of your films, so how do you find the perfect song for the perfect moment? Is it as early as pre-production and does it come naturally or do you have to go hunting for the song?
It's a mixture of all those things. For instance, MIA's Paper Planes that we use in Slumdog; my daughter gave me for Christmas in December 06. And I knew then it would appear in this film. Even its dazzling and shameless appearance in the trailer for Pineapple Express didn't put me off.

stickman91 asks: What is your favourite show on TV?
Danny Boyle Webchat: The Transcript
Favourite TV show? It's X Factor, I'm afraid. I get caught up in the emotion.

Doctor Batman asks: Would you ever consider working in TV for a while?
Yeah, I've worked in television in the past and would go back for the right thing, of course. Favourite show? It's X Factor, I'm afraid. I get caught up in the emotion.

Kinema asks: Go ahead with Lady Vengeance.... Cool Put Monica Belluci in it and she WILL be on the cover of EMPIRE hehe
(Laughs) Very good. Can you guarantee it?

Kevmaguire asks: Did you worry about viewers/press reactions to the negative aspects of the India that you portrayed in Slumdog? (Thinking particularly about the begging and "blindness")
Well, you worry about everything. But we tried to include as many elements of life in Mumbai without regulation. So the blinding incident sits beside a Bollywood musical number. That shouldn't work, but to exclude one or other of them would be to not convey a proper picture of the city.

Adam G asks: We were discussing this before you came on here - does film director Danny Boyle like pie?
I love pie. And am often accused at home of eating it all.

harmonica32 asks: Hi Danny. How strictly do you adhere to your theory that a director's first film is his or her best? I can think of a lot of examples to disprove it. The Godfather is better than whatever Coppola did in the sixties.
I do believe this, in a kind of provocative way. The Coen brothers are a great example of this – Blood Simple. They are geniuses – genii? – but they've still never made anything better than that. There's something about not quite knowing what you're doing that's exciting, and you can never quite recapture that.

RuffKut asks: How involved are you in the editing process for your movies? Are you in the edit suite every day, or do you let your editors get on with it?
It's a bit of both. If you hire a good editor, you've got to let them edit the film, and you come in and assess what they've done. Give pointers, you know. It's a cliché that no-one is proud of, but filmmaking is a collaborative process. As director, you steal other people's skills and get the credit for it.

erol asks: Danny, if you could have a dinner party with any living or dead people, who would be there?
Erol, my dinner party would be just Joe Strummer and some pie.

jamesheal asks: Who's going to win The Premiership this season?
Manchester United. Although I'd love Villa to surprise everyone, because O'Neill and Moyes are an inspiration to everyone in this petrol-dollar world.

unky_ pete 63 asks: Would you rather win an Oscar or see Bury win the F.A. Cup?
Bury and the FA Cup. Come on, no contest!

The Insider asks: I heard a rumour that you told the composer on Slumdog, A.R. Rahman, something akin to "don't you dare play a single cello" – I'm sorry to report that I've confirmed the sound of cellos on the track Jai Ho (#13) towards the end. Still great stuff though! :-)
I just hate them when they're used mournfully.

selim asks: Danny, did you get the name pinbacker from the game System Shock 2??
Alex Garland came up with the name – he claims as a homage to John Carpenter's Dark Star. But Alex has serious repetitive strain injuries caused by nights spent in front of his game machines. So who knows?

ProfessorAntzenPantzen asks: What's the best thing you've kept from the set of one of your films?
There's a doll in Shallow Grave that was my daughter's, and we lost it. It's immortalised forever in the film – it's shot at by Ewan McGregor with a toy bow and arrow. But otherwise it's gone out of our lives. Sorry, Caitlin. So no, I haven't really kept anything.

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