X Files: Resist Or Serve Review

Image for X Files: Resist Or Serve

Essential stuff for fans, and solid entertainment for everyone else.


The X-Files may have bitten the dust in 2002, but — judging by the two million or so fan sites devoted to the series — there’s still plenty of interest out there in the twisted adventures of Mulder and Scully. And if you’re one of those people, Resist Or Serve is essential.

Playing like a missing episode of the show — somewhere between seasons seven and eight, if you want to be pedantic — the game features the voice talent and likenesses of the show’s main players (including David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson), a story penned by X-Files creator Chris Carter, and a series of moody locations that capture the look and feel of the groundbreaking show.

Non-Files fans may be put off by the game’s robotic controls and dodgy character faces (by the look of Mulder’s eyes, he must have been smoking a mind-bending Moroccan doobie before taking this assignment) but, compared
to previous spin-offs from the series, this authentic X-Files quest is tremendous fun.