The X Factor Sing Review

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Yes, of course you could do better than that


With an epic contest where wannabes can croon their way from qualifying heats to chart success, slick primetime TV presentation and a trio of acerbic judges, ITV’s X Factor is the perfect springboard for a bout of console karaoke. Sadly, the game is a shambles…

For starters, Sharon Osbourne is missing from the judging line-up due to licensing issues, and even though Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell are on hand to dish out criticism, their curt comments only appear as voice overs without any accompanying video, their banal sound bites repeating themselves after only a couple of rounds.

Shockingly, the game also fails to follow the structure the TV show – denying players their chance to take part in the live X Factor final – and the overall presentation is lazy and uninspiring, lacking both Singstar’s licensed music videos and the imaginative visuals of Karaoke Stage.

Worst of all, though, the music is unspeakably poor, and for every gem like Sugababes’ Too Lost In You or Tony Christie’s (Is This The Way To) Amarillo are a handful of Magic FM favourites from the likes of The Lighthouse Family, Ronan Keating and Melanie C. And Samantha Mumba, for Chrissakes!
When was the last time she had a hit…?