World War Zero: Ironstorm Review

Image for World War Zero: Ironstorm

Ironstorm doesn’t live up to its promising premise.


Although we’d have been spared George Bush, The Cheeky Girls and Around The World In 80 Days, most people would agree it’s a good thing that World War II ended when it did. But if you’ve ever wondered what life would be like had
the global conflict continued, get set for one of the bleakest adventures in the history of console gaming.

Set in an alternate 1964 bereft of Beatles and free love, Ironstorm casts players as a plucky Allied soldier who goes deep behind enemy lines to halt German plans to build a nuclear bomb.

The bloodthirsty action is tough as
hell, with intelligent enemies working together in groups and crack-shot snipers at every turn.
But with formulaic missions and a range of weapons which fails to make the most of the game’s skewed take on history, Ironstorm doesn’t live up to its promising premise.